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Nov 29, 2005 12:26 AM

Best meatball topping NY pizza

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I had some great pizza with meatball topping in NY with huge pieces of meatball. I haven't found good meatball pizza in LA yet. Usually the meatball pizza has little slivers of meatball topping. So where can I find the best NY meatball topping pizza in LA or OC?

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  1. I have not had but I hear Allejos on Washington & Lincoln has a good one.

    1. For Pizza I like Petrillo's Pizza. They do offer a meatball pizza. BUT you mentioned New York. When I think of New York pizza I think of a large diameter pizza with a thin crust. That brings me to Genovese's Pizza. The large pizza at Genovese's is so large that it almost does not fit through the front door. It is almost ridiculously large. So the slices are just like the slices you had in NYC. Genovese's meatball pizza is very good IMO (and I am not a fan of meatballs). I order the Meatball pizza when I go to Genovese's. The prices at Genovese's are very reasonable so it is not much of a gamble – again, like the Big Apple. If you go save room for dessert because Fosselman’s Ice Cream is only several blocks to the East. A Fosselman’s sundae or shake is worth the trip alone.

      Genovese's Pizza (Must try the Lunch Specials $5.36, Meatball Pizza, Itallian Food,
      2900 W Main St
      Alhambra, CA 91801-1663
      (626) 289-5667
      Corner of Main St. And S. Palatine, Just West of Fremont

      My prior post that mentions Genovese's Pizza.

      Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co.
      1824 W. Main St.
      Alhambra, CA 91801
      (626) 282-6533

      Petrillo's Pizza
      833 E Valley Blvd
      San Gabriel, CA 91776
      (626) 280-7332

      Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant
      750 W Rte 66 Ste A
      Glendora, CA 91740-4163
      (626) 335-1289
      Chowhouh diiscussion on Petrillo's Pizza

      Petrillo's Pizza
      110 South Mountain, Suite F
      Upland, CA
      (909) 981-8114

      1. sonny's pizza san clemente just off the 5 at palazada i always get balls on my pie sonny's is the best

        1. 800 Degrees uses only grass feed beef for their meatballs.

          1. Vito's. I think he's shifted to the sliced-meatball motif, but if you ask him to do otherwise he may be obliging. Tell him Big Don sent you.