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Jan 13, 2011 07:55 AM

Baby Friendly Restaurant in Chapel Hill

I'm visiting Chapel Hills this weekend with a group of girlfriends and we all enjoy good food - whether local hole in the walls or gourmet, except we are traveling with two small children (under 1 year.)

Can anyone recommend a good local place that would be appropriate for the little ones, but still have great food? We are looking for lunch and dinner spots.


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  1. I have not been to the new location of Sandwhich on Franklin St., but I can't imagine they wouldn't be baby friendly. The owners are charming!

    1. You could also try Kitchen, on MLK Blvd. I know a friend has taken her young'un there (3 yr. old) and it worked out fine.

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        Sandwhich is a good choice. I think Kitchen is a bit small for a group. The tables are narrow. One in Meadowmont would be a good choice, as well. Vimala's Curry Blossom Cafe is a favorite of mine. I'd also check out Tyler's Tap Room. I've been quite happy with the food and their space was just redone. Let's not forget Neal's Deli. Great sandwiches and breakfast biscuits.

        1. re: Tom from Raleigh

          I second Vimala's, whose food is made with locally sourced, and mostly organic foods from farms often not more than 20 miles away. Tyler's is not a spot for kids, nor would I suggest the uppity Sandwhich that charges upwards of $10 for a piece of meatloaf between a bread and pats itself on the back for being "clever." Also, it calls itself "slow food" for a reason -- the service isn't so hot, and the owners aren't charming. They're pretentious.

          1. re: girlwithcomputer

            Not to simply be contradictory (especially because I'm no fan of Tyler's - I don't drink beer and I don't need THAT much garlic in my life) but Tyler's has a children's menu, crayons for the table, and colorful plastic cups with lids and straws that they serve milk, water or juice in, for children. I don't know how much more they could do to become a spot for kids. I've eaten there with a party of several including toddlers and it adequately met everyone's needs.

            1. re: tamalesfordinner

              Yeah, Tylers is made for kids.

              Lulu (now 4) has been to pretty much every restaurant in CH except Bin 54 and Elaine's without a problem, but her favorites (and places she's treated well and feels comfortable) are Tylers, Panzanella, Glasshalful, Squids and the sushi place in Carrboro (sorry, can't remember the name right now). Maybe Provence wouldn't work well with kids.

              101 E Weaver St, Carrboro, NC 27510

              Bin 54
              1201 M Raleigh Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 21517