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Jan 13, 2011 07:51 AM

How is "Copper Canyon Brew Pub" - Southfield, MI ?

Anybody been to "Copper Canyon Brew Pub" (for their beer, of course), near I-696 and Telegraph?

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  1. I went years ago and thought it was a great brewery for people that are not that into beer. If you consider yourself a knowledgeable and adventurous beer drinker....this might be a bit white bread for you. If you are a Bud or Miller type...the this is a good gateway drug.

    Of course since I have been last they might of completely changed and gone and decided to be a little riskier. After looking at the website....I doubt that is the case.

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      its a very middle of the road type of place for beer (no big standouts) and food (sandwiches and burgers, etc.). last time i was there was over a year ago for lunch with someone from plante moran, right next door.

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        Okay, thanks Gents. I was driving from Warren to Scotty's Fish & Chips this eve, and I knew that somewhere along the way I would need a brew. I decided to do it on the front end (Kuhnhenn) rather than on the back end (getting off 696 at Telegraph & hitting Copper Canyon, before turning south to Scotty's), based on your input. Guess I made the right choice, beer-wise...though, there may have been better "scenery" at Copper Canyon(?).

        1. re: VTB

          And how were things at Scotty Simpson's?

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            Hi Sir Boagman. As you know, there already is a Great Lakes topic on Detroit area Fish and Chips, which is legendary, and I can't add anything to it that already hasn't been said. But, since you asked, and with my apologies to the "Off Topic Police," I'll just comment that Scotty's is precious and charming, and that I loved my experience there last night. That being said, I was wanting for a thicker fish fillet, and I did uncharacteristically salt my meal. The chips were good but not exceptional, though I was very satisfied with the slaw. I hope Scotty's is around for another sixty years (it deserves to be), but I think there are a few other (less adorable) places in SE Mich that can legitimately (albeit subjectively) challenge them for the area's "best fish and chips."
            Bottom line: Thank you guys for the tip. I had a great time there, and I WILL be back.