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Bean Dishes Besides Stews?

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I'm trying to eat less meat and maintain a good level of protein in my diet, so I'm eating lots of beans and lentils and I'm looking for some dish ideas. Most bean dishes seem to be either Soups or Stews or served over rice, which is fine but I'd like to add some variety to the types of dishes I'm making.

I've tried Falafel, Martha Stewart's Spicy Lentil-Walnut Burgers, and Chickpea & Tuna Salad. Know any interesting bean dishes?

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  1. I always keep a variety of burritos on hand, most of them based on refried beans of some sort. I recently made some with refried black beans, some marinara sauce, and mozzarella which were interestingly tasty (though I need to make the bean mixture a little thicker next time). Also, I recently did some black bean and sweet potato burritos, as well as pinto bean, rice, and barbecued turkey. (I know you said you were eating less meat, and this was "less" turkey - just not "no" turkey. ;-) Plus it was GOOD!) And really, it just this minute occurred to me that maybe corn (along with the bbq sauce) place of the turkey would be a good combination, too.

    1. Black Bean and Corn Salsa is really good served with corn chips or rolled into flour tortillas.

      Black Bean and Corn Salsa

      1 1/2 cups fresh corn -- cut from cob, or thawed frozen corn kernels
      1 cup canned black beans -- rinsed and drained
      1 medium sweet red pepper -- chopped
      1 jalapeno pepper -- seeded & finely chopped
      1 clove garlic -- pressed or minced
      2 tablespoons lime juice
      2 teaspoons fresh cilantro -- chopped
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      1/4 teaspoon pepper

      Cook corn in a small amount of boiling water for 4 minutes or until crisp-tender; drain and cool. Combine corn and remaining ingredients. Makes 4 cups of salsa.

      1. Have you searched this board for recipes? There are scores of ideas: http://www.chow.com/search?query=bean...

        1. I love beans, I was looking through an 2010 (I think) Bon Apetit magazine yesterday and found a recipe I can't wait to try. There are only two or three minor changes or additions I should say that I'm going to make and that is to add a little chicken broth to the black bean sauce, and then top with scallions, cilantro, oh, and add avocado to the mango salsa.

          The recipe is for stuffed poblano chiles with black beans sauce and mango salsa. I thought this sounded so different, my salsas normally to a dish like this would be tomatoes and onlions etc., you know the more traditional pico de gallo, but I'm liking fruit more and more in my savory dishes. I'd probably use a few serrano chiles in the sauce or somewhere. What's nice its one of those recipes you can add or subtract a few ingredients as you wish or as your dietary needs require.

          Let me know if you'd care for the recipe... sharon.

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              if you have no objection to the slightly tedious job of roasting chiles.

              3 Cheese Stuffed Poblano Chiles with Black Bean Sauce & Mango Salsa
              Black Bean Sauce
              1 onion minced
              3 cloves garlic chopped fine
              1 1/2 cup Black Beans ( the recipes doesn't say, canned or cooked from dry I'll make my own from dry.
              1Tchipoltle peppers chopped
              Blend till smooth.
              1 cup of cream (this is where I'll use chicken broth, and less cream)
              After its warmed all the way through then add the broth, and cream to taste for desired consistency.

              Mango Salsa
              2 mangos \ this sounds like alot, I'd probably use one
              1 red onion
              1 tomato
              1 bunch clean cilantro
              salt and pepper

              Stuffed Poblano Chiles
              4 chiles roasted, peeled, and deseeded chiles
              1 cup Monterey, 1 cup cheddar -original recipe (I'm going to mix Fontina, Monterey&Cheddar)

              Blend the black bean sauce and veggies, etc. til smooth. Put this all into a saute pan, and heat through, then add the chicken stock a little at a time for tastes, and add your cream last.

              Cube the Mango in small cubes, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro last and toss, lightly dress with lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper

              Roast and peel the poblanos, deseed for stuffing.
              4 peppers, cleaned and cut open, grate the cheese, stuff inside the peppers, lay into a baking dish. Heat at 350 F til heated through, then serve in a shallow soup bowl, with the bean sauce served over and around the chiles, the mango salsa on the side.
              Top with scallions and cilantro and perhaps a little crema.

          1. Salads with black beans, steak fajitas, and fresh garden greens tomatoes, etc.. Omg, this has to be one of my favorite salads! There's not a recipe just add your beans either hot or cold, salad greens, or cabbage, steak or chicken fajitas, tomatoes, onions, scallions, cilantro, make a salsa with that packs a whollop, lime creama, and avocado or guacamole. Totally satisying for lunch or dinner.

            1. I like to cook chickpeas with tomatoes, garlic and red peppers (and, admittedly, sometimes a touch of chorizo!), making them good and spicy, then top with a poached egg. Another favorite is sauteing mushrooms, onions and spinach (and sometimes artichoke hearts, chopped), then mix with some white beans and eggs (just a few, you want this more about the veggies than about the eggs) and bake until set. A great meatless dinner, and really awesome with tomato sauce on top.

              1. - oven-baked gigantes (Greek white beans) with tomatoes
                - Greek-style lima beans: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/si...
                - lentil-walnut pate or lentil-mushroom loaf
                - bean "bolognese": http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/bea...
                - lentil- or bean- stuffed peppers, zucchini or eggplant
                - pinto bean salad with molasses dressing: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/pin...

                oh and try white beans in your tuna salad instead of chickpeas - mix with capers, chopped shallot or red onion, minced fresh basil & parsley, plenty of black pepper, and a red wine or lemon juice and olive oil vinaigrette.

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                  White beans in tuna salad sounds like a great idea! I'm going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing.

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                    my pleasure! you can mix up the herbs as well...tarragon is a great alternative if you like the flavor of it.

                2. hmm, how about Tortilla Pie...epicurious recipe we've had many times and we really love it...

                  There is actually another bean dish called Bean Pie which I believe is a dessert, not savory; have never eaten it so can't recommend.

                  1. My Mama is from the south, and a childhood comfort food is White Kidney beans cooked with a piece of smoked pork butt & onions, with plenty of liquid, Chicken Broth, served over hot cornbread. I don't soak the beans overnight or do anything special to them, just put it all, except the cornbread of course, inthe pot and let er cook for as long as it takes to get the beans soft. Probably about 2 - 3 hours. Then I cut the meat into small pieces and serve. Not meatless, but using the meat more as a condiment or flavoring.
                    Another is a soup of white canelloni beans, canned chopped tomatoes, and cooked macaroni, seasoned with Italian seasoning, olive oil and garlic,Parmesan cheese, and some dried hot peppers if you like them.. Only about a tablespoon or 2 of the olive oil added at the end to the pot after adding the macaroni. Add Parm cheese to your own bowl. but some in the pot too. Great warmer-upper on a cold night.
                    Good Luck.

                    1. Pasta Fagioli
                      1 lb dried red kidney beans
                      1 lb dried lentils
                      1 lb pasta, either tubetti or elbows
                      1 large bay leaf
                      2 cloves garlic, lightly smashed
                      Salt, to taste
                      Parmigiano Reggiano to grate over top
                      Soak the kidney beans for about 8 hours, then rinse and put in large pot with 3 quarts of water. Add the lentils, the bay leaf, the garlic cloves, and some salt, and bring to the boil. Turn heat to medium, and cook until beans are tender, around an hour or so. Taste, and adjust salt as required. Remove the bay leaf and serve over al dente pasta, top with grated cheese.

                      1. I got some great suggestions in this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/712091
                        some of them were from friendly hounds who've responded here

                        1. Stuffed zucchini. Saute the scooped-out zucchini flesh and chopped onions. Mix with your cooked beans of choice and diced or shredded cheese of choice. S&P to taste. Bake at 350 in a pan with a little oil or water in the bottom until zucchini shell is tender and filling is heated through.

                          Add to the stuffing whatever makes you happy or have on hand -- pumpkin or sunflower seeds, chopped red pepper (raw or roasted), spinach, sauteed garlic, celery, carrots.

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                            Thanks, I think I'll try this out maybe with white beans.

                          2. Beans and greens are a classic combination. I just had some leftover lentils with chard over pasta for lunch. Here's how I made it:

                            Cook your lentils with peeled garlic, bay, or other spices (I used bay and cumin). When the lentils are about done, cook your chard separately - you want to undercook it so it doesn't disintegrate when you add it to the lentils. On medium-high, I sauteed my chard (cleaned and ripped - i discarded my stems but of course you can cook them too if you add them first) it with minced garlic and some chili flakes. Combine the greens and lentils. Add salt and acid to taste - I used sherry vinegar cuz i had some. As far as quantities, I had less than a half-pound of french lentils and one bunch of chard (the raw leaves nearly filled my salad spinner) and probably a total of 4 cloves of garlic.

                            For the pasta, I used gemelli, but any compact noodle will do (fusilli, farfalle, orrechiette). The way I did it was to boil the noodles till nearly done, then I added them to the assembled dish to finish their cooking and absorb some flavor. You can use the pasta water to adjust the soupiness. Another possibility would be a simple orzo with lemon and parsely, or rice, or whatever.

                            1. Here's something very simple as a side, especially for parties and cookouts where safe room temp foods are useful: I cook a single variety of bean (pinto, great northern, navy) in a highly flavored broth watching carefully for doneness until the beans are just tender. Then I drain them, let them cool, and finally serve them tossed in olive oil, chopped fresh herbs and perhaps some diced sweet peppers (or roasted sweet peppers).

                              The cooking broth, which I later toss or reserve for another use, is crucial, because it's where the beans get their flavor. I'll use some kind of stock, celery and onion and whole garlic cloves (which get tossed away later), herbs and spices, and fish sauce. Toss in a bone if you have it. The quality of the olive oil later and also the fresh herbs is likewise important.

                              This is very tasty, and it's great to bring something to party that can sit in a bowl for quite some time without needing reheating or getting bacteriologically toxic.

                              1. Pasta with Chick Peas and Spinach

                                Saute some garlic in lots of good olive oil just to the point of browning. Mix in some cooked or canned/drained chick peas Add a whole bunch of spinach and a little stock (1/4 cup or so) and steam till tender. Serve over pasta of your choice, orecchiette is good, or whole wheat penne.

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                                  I've done the chickpea and spinach without the pasta. Great combination.

                                2. We picked up a container of cold endamame salad from the grocery the other day, and it was pretty good. It looks like it has two other beans beside soy in it, plus some peppers, corn and other stuff in a nice sauce. I looked for a recipe on line, there are quite a few, but none looked exactly like the store version. I shall have to cozy up to their deli chef the next time I go in.

                                  1. I've been making a lot of Texas Caviar. Black eye pea cold salad. Lots of recipes. Love the stuff