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Jan 13, 2011 07:34 AM

Need a casual and FUN dinner and bar after 2pm Saturday matinee

Hello, and Happy 2011! We will be in NYC from Thursday, Feb 3 through Sunday, Feb 6. On Saturday, we are meeting friends in town from Long Island. They are overnighting in the city, and we are seeing Lombardi at Circle in the Square theater at 2pm.

We hope to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening together having a fun and casual dinner (they don't want to spend "steakhouse" like prices) and also just hang out and enjoy conversation and drinks. They guys (my husband and the other fellow) are both big beer fans and homebrewers.

Any advise for a spot for both dinner and drinks (it doesn't have to be the same place) would be great. I recall that my husband and I once landed at a great bar in the East Village before STOMP, and we had a blast--we returned after the show. That's the sort of place we are hoping to get in. But, we would need a table to truly enjoy each other's company.

MANY thanks to any and all replies.

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