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Jan 13, 2011 06:59 AM

Heading to St Martin!! What's new there

Have any great new don't miss places opened up since last February. We love the food in Grand Case and love trying new restaurants when we go. Any suggestions?

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  1. Skys The Limit Lolo will please for sure..LOVE Grande Case. We have not been since 08 so I defer to others here. Had a lovely lunch at Tropicana in Marigot this year.

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      Been to STL many, many times- Looking for new places. Thanks for your reply.

    2. This pretty much shows everything in Grand Case.

      I'm very partial to La Villa.

      1. If you're going soon, be advised that as of last week they were still repairing the main road from Phillipsburg to Orient Beach so you'll have to take a few side roads toward Oyster Bay/Dawn Beach and come into Orient Beach that way. If you're heading in that direction.

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          Going next week. Thanks for this report...Going to stay in Orient Beach as always...

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            we just returned last night from another great trip to sxm. are you looking for new restaurants only in grand case? le ti provencal was one of our favorite meals; new location moved recently to the former location of la marine. if you're looking for new restaurants in other areas, patagonia (puerta del sol plaza) and ernest& fidel (porto cupecoy) come to mind. i haven't tried either but hear good things.

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              Actually here now and going Le Ti P tonight.. It was one of our favs here last on our last visit. Last night went to L'Astrolab- if you go, reserve a poolside table. Great food and service. Pricey, especially with the dollar to the Euro.

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                we stayed at esmeralda (our place is under construction), but didn't have dinner at l'astrolabe, although the villa we were given was directly behind. there's just too many places and not enough time. enjoy le ti provencal. langostines just arrived when we were there and that was ordered among other things. very $$ at 14euro for 100grams (? i think) but well worth it. they also had a grand marnier souffle ice cream... i'm salivating as i type.

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                  Le Ti Provincial- This used to be one of our favs in Grand Case- NO MORE!!- They moved to a much larger space, and now, it seems that their fame has gotten to them. As we sat down, the people next to us were complaining about a burnt dessert. The waiter basically walked away and sent the owner over. He never apoligized, but he too just didn't care...and at 12 euro for a dessert, he should have.

                  As for us, we ordered the special carpaccio- which was fine, and then the main courses came out. I ordered a whole fish fileted, and my wife a fish off the menu which came with a chick pea topping. When our mains came out, there was no topping to be found, and when we asked the manager where it was, he said that since my wife ordered her fish rare, they couldn't make it the way it was offered on his menu??

                  All I can say is this: This place had no ambiance, it was like a NJ diner, in St Martin!! Bright lights, Amercian disco music, and just ok food. Prices were extremely high, made even higher by a $1.40 to the dollar conversion rate- higher than the banks! To sum it up (and my wife said it best), this place had no soul, and no passion. They are in it to make money and don't care about their customers any longer- this once great place has now faded from our list of places to go.

                  1. re: sockster

                    that's too bad you had such a bad experience. while i agree that the ambience could use significant improvement (although much better than la marine, former restaurant in that location), we had a very different experience with both food and service. the staff couldn't have been friendlier, from the valet to the waitress. and our meal was phenomenal as well. have you been to bacchus in hope estate? i'd love to hear your take on it.

                2. re: sockster

                  We had a romantic dinner at L'Astrolabe last week. This restaurant is located at the luxury Esmeralda resort in the Orient Bay development on the French side of St. Martin. The dress was surprisingly casual; some people were in shorts while others dressed up a bit.

                  The tables are set up surrounding the swimming pool and are far enough apart to allow private conversation. The prix fixe menu was reasonably priced at 45 euros but you can also order a la carte. Friday nights are lobster night which means you can get a grilled lobster as part of the fixed price menu or for 35 euros a la carte. On Fridays, there is live music which consists of a male vocalist accompanied by recorded music. The music selection is easy listening ranging from Dean Martin to Jimmy Buffet.

                  Food style was French contemporary and portions were quite generous. I had the most amazing sweet potato soup that was light-as-air. My wife had foie gras prepared three ways which she raved about. For the main course, I had a delicious mini rack of lamb in a pinot noir sauce. The side dish was an odd “minestrone of beans” which was neither soup nor side dish. Served without a spoon, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to pick up the bowl and drink it or ask for a spoon. My wife’s duck breast was tender and she finished every bite.

                  My dessert consisted of an amazing molten lava chocolate cake, three handmade chocolate truffles and an odd salted caramel ice cream which I did not like. My wife had the apple tatin cheesecake which was rich and creamy. It too came with the odd ice cream which she did not eat. The service was polite but no one explained the various components of our dishes which would have been helpful.

                  At the end, we left stuffed and happy. After dinner, we took a stroll through the gorgeous property down to the beach where we gazed at the stars.

          2. We love Le Ti Bouchon in Cul de Sac. We had a filet with fois- excellent and great desserts Very reasonable by SXM standards and he gives the same price whether you pay in Euro or dollars. The owner of this little gem is "Mou Mou" who is French been on the island for decades, loves his customer and is a bit of a character. We have been four times in the past 2 years and each time like it more. It is small, you sit outside on a veranda and is lovely.