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Jan 13, 2011 05:10 AM

Need help planning "BBQ" menu for a party

Hi all,

I've decided to have a "BBQ" type menu for a party coming up, about 25 people. I have "BBQ" in quotes because it will really only be BBQ-esque. I don't plan to do ribs or even break out the grill! I'm thinking things like pulled pork, beans, some chicken, cornbread, cole slaw, etc.

Would love to get your thoughts on what to serve and any recipes or cookbooks you might recommend.

TIA, Sara

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  1. You'll have to make Saveur's Texas Peach Cobbler for dessert.
    It's on their site.

    I make a bbq'd bean combo to take to BBQ parties. It's an old family

    1. i love slaws of all types, but for piling on a Q sandwich, i go to the KFC clone recipe for cole slaw.

      1. Sounds like you already have a decent plan. Plenty of recipes out there. And making a really good homemade BBQ sauce will help make up for the lack of smoke flavor.
        Dont forget the pickles!

        1. Potato Salad ~~~ I do Hush Puppies sometimes... they're always a hit! ~~~ ABT's