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Jan 13, 2011 03:20 AM


I am on a mission to replace my pyrex ugly glass bakeware for some pretty/durable stoneware or porcelain.

Torn between Rachael Ray, Le Creuset, Mario Batali, others?

Would like nice presentation, great cooking and easy clean up....

I would like to cook in these pieces or simply serve in them.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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  1. I have Le Creuset and Emile Henry stuff and I love them both - I'm philosophically opposed to buying anything Rachel Ray-branded and since I have so much stuff, I've never even considered Batali's stuff . . . but the LC & EH stuff look great, cook great, and clean up well, IMHO.


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    1. re: gansu girl

      +1 on being opposed to Rachael Ray. Years ago when I was working in a kitchen/cooking store a woman came in asking to buy a Rachael Ray "garbage bowl." I told her for the amount that cost--we didn't carry it--she could buy a large stainless steel bowl that could function as a garbage bowl and more. She left to buy the RR bowl elsewhere....that's what I call ridiculous.

      1. re: escondido123

        That is because you don't treat your garbage with respect. Don't treat your garbage like garbage, treat them with Rachael Ray's Garbage Bowl.

      2. re: gansu girl

        +10 on all counts!

        I use the Emile Henry stuff and love it tho it takes a while for the bottom to heat up and you should adjust your time accordingly. I put mine directly on the pizza stone that's always in my oven and use a temperature probe to make sure it's done all the way down.

      3. I use Emile Henry and Apilco. I am very satisfied with both. I've seen Le Creuset in the stores and it looks nice as well. As for Rachael and the rest of those celebrity folk, I say... Baah.

        1. I am also on a mission to replace my Pyrex since I have had 2 explode. I saw a good eal on some Emile Henry pieces at Sur La Table around Christmas. Unfortunately, the funds were not available.

          I plan on checking TJ Maxx and Marshalls in hopes of scoring a bargain. I also will check the LC outlet store.

          I read good reviews about Mario's lasagne pan but based on a friends experience would not recommend anything Rachael Ray. Total overpriced junk.

          1. Ii replaced pyrex with Apilco and Pillivuyt. They are excellent quality french porcelain. Light and strong. Easy cleaning. They are not cheap but woth for $. Sometimes, you can find those at ebay at very afforable prices. Also, bridgekitchenware has good deals.

            1. Might be worth checking out the Maxwell and Williams White Basics range:

              I've been on the lookout for oven-to-table bakeware which matches Wedgwood white bone china (and most of the other white bone china out there) and White Basics, along with the white porcelain from Ecology, match almost perfectly.

              No idea how they perform, though, or how they'll look after six months - anyone have experience with this range?

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              1. re: sunrider

                Another vote for Apilco and Pillivuyt. I also have a couple of Revol pieces and it's great but harder to find.

                1. re: knet

                  Yet another supporter of Apilco, Pillivuyt, and Emilie Henry. Not keen on the LC made in Tiawian and all the celeberty chief stuff made in China is in my opinion overpriced junk. That's a biased, opinion, not based on fact as I haven't priced or evaluated all of it. But what I've looked at and the experience I have had, I'll stand by that opinion. The Apilco and Pillivuyt are all but industructable compared to the "off" brand stuff. Ends up being a much better buy in the long run. Unless you like cooking and serving in chipped bakeware.

                  1. re: mikie

                    I've been looking at all sorts of Apilco & Pillivuyt as a result of a couple of threads here lately. Nice stuff, including the dinnerware. Beautiful, simple, and made in France. I vote for either of those.

                    I had an Apilco dish back in the '70s that I used for lasagne. Unfortunately, it cracked in half during a move.

                    1. re: Jay F

                      We have quite a bit of Apilco and it's sturdy. The wife bought some store brand eared gratins just to try out, the first chip, a big one came within the first couple of months, and they don't even get used every day. There is definately a difference in quality, I guess that's how they have managed to stay around all these years.