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Jan 13, 2011 02:57 AM

London - Cheap Lunches around Farringdon Tube Stop

I'm going to be temping right near the Farringdon tube stop for a couple of weeks. I'm looking for cheap places to eat lunch (under £6, nothing too heavy). I'm planning on checking out the tandoori sandwiches at Delhi Grill (about a mile away - my maximum distance for walking on my lunch hour), but other than that I don't know what other options there are. I've searched the boards, but nothing's cropping up. Anyone know any good places for soup, salad, sandwiches etc?


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  1. Search for Exmouth Market. The Moro stall is especially nice.

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      There is also a lunchtime market on (I think) Hatton Garden, anyway, one of the roads parallel to Saffron Hill. Can't miss it at lunchtime. There is a good burrito stall (Daddy Donkey), and a decent though inconsistent falafel place close to the intersection with Clerkenwell Rd. There is also a Japanese restaurant at the other end of the road which is supposed to be good, though I've not been.

    2. You're only just over half a mile from Whitecross St, where there are lots of stalls selling good food (Thai, Indian, Caribbean, Italian etc), as well as one or two good cafes and also Carnivale for veggie/health food stuff.

      And you're also pretty near Sedap (not been, and wished I had known about it when I used to travel down from Liverpool frequently to our head office just a few doors down). It's on Old St not far from the end of Whitecross St - they do a cheap lunch I think - search this board for more info.

      1. Up farringdon road just before Exmouth market is Little Bay which does good Brasserie food very cheaply especially lunchtimes - the chips are especially good as fried in goose fat.
        Always busy or used to be when Guardian was next door.

        1. I will keep this foodl related by seconding the suggestion for Sedap.

          Your name doesn't have to do with Haverford as in PA, does it? :-) That really hit my eye!!

          1. The Modern Pantry's just up the road for amazing soup/salads. I think that just about hits your budget! For sandwiches, there's the Farm Collective shop just by Smithfield - locally tended, carefully loved, tenderly caressed, over-described sarnies for under a fiver..