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Jan 13, 2011 02:08 AM

Bulk soya beans in GTA ?

I'm looking to make soy-based recipes such as soymilk, okara-based recipes, tofu, tempeh and such, and am looking for a source to buy soya beans in bulk, preferrably organic. Finding also splitted soya beans (for tempeh) would be a definite bonus, but whole soya beans would be OK. For now I bought some at Superstore at about $4.00 for 500g which is certainly not cheap, not to mention the freshness. Whole Foods in Oakville does not carry any soya beans in bulk. I haven't checked Organic Garage yet.

Anyone know where to get some ? It's OK for me to drive a bit to get them since I'd probably buy a good quantity at once. Any suggestion appreciated - thanks.

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  1. I don't know where you could get soya beans, but if you are looking for dried ones perhaps you could lurk around Gallaria. They make fresh tofu, so they must have a bulk supplier. Also there are soya places (they make tofu, soya milk etc) all over Markham, like in Market Village or the plaza at Hwy 7 and Kennedy. Maybe one of them would sell you beans.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. This is about dried soy beans, the regular stuff. And it's not about huge quantities either. Simply trying to get as inexpensive a price for fresh (less than 1 year old I mean) soy beans, organic preferred. Grain Process Entreprises seems to have quite a few grain/beans product (adzuki beans included), so I'll check them out. I'll try to get more info about tofu shops in Market Village.

      I'll also check out various bulk stores in the GTA. Perhaps even Bulk Barn has some although I have some diffculty to put 'Bulk Barn' and 'freshness' in the same sentence. Sheesh, I just did ! ;-)

    2. Grain Process Enterprises should have large bags of soy beans.