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Jan 13, 2011 12:20 AM

LA transplant looking for the Best Mexican Food /Markets in the Area (ESPECIALLY MOLE!!!)

I know this is an overwrought question, but I seriously miss LA Mexican food (I am Mexican By the way). I know that it would be a hard stretch to find an LA duplicate... but I'm looking for a place that is as authentic as possible especially in the following categories

1. Mole
2. A very good house salsa (especially salsa verde)
3. Good carne asada/fajitas/
4. Possibly Mariscos or at least shrimp tacos?

So Far I've tried :
-Jose's in Cambridge ( not too impressed though its better than other stuff I've tried)
-Anna's Taqueria... okay
-Boca Grande ( I think its pretty decent)
-Border Cafe (Tex Mex.. but the fajitas are my fave)

Please give me pointers... detailed suggestions.. hell... I'll even take your best suggestions on where to find mexican food ingredients so I can cook it my self.

Bonus points if you can tell me where I can actually buy any of the following items (preferably not online):
-Cast Iron Comal
-Clay olla
-Basically any authentic mexican cooking utensil..

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  1. To start , take a look at this thread about Jalisco in East Boston - love their birria-see pix: Other places in Eastie are Angela's Cafe (many threads on board) really like her mole, pepian, guac, Taqueria Cancun & Rotisceria Cancun. There are many other nearby, wonderful Latin places: Peruvian, Salvadorean...all easily accessible by T.

    1. Also pop in to try the burrito spot inside the gas station on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill - Villa Mexico - if you are in the market for Anna's etc. The lady who runs the place is Mexican and may be able to give you the lowdown.

      Villa Mexico
      296 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114

      1. For shrimp tacos I'd recommend Dorado in Brookline.

        1. Welcome. In Somerville, Tacos Lupita (may be Guatemalan but does Mexican) has an excellent torta al pastor. I heartily agree on the Angela's rec in East Boston. The mole is excellent and the chorizo gordita is also very good. I haven't found a good Mariscos but again in East Boston, try Rincon Limeno, which is Peruvian but has excellent fried seafood and ceviche.

          Rincon Limeno
          409 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

          1. There are several markets owned by Salvadorans/Guatemalans on Broadway in East Somerville that may have some of the utensils....Amigos Market is one. Probably similar markets near Angela's or ask the servers at Angela's.