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Jan 12, 2011 10:06 PM

Which hot pot places serve individual size pots ? Not the regular kind..

Which hot pot places serve individual size pots ? Not the regular kind..

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  1. Boiling Point in Richmond does what I would consider individual hot pots. They are Taiwanese style I believe.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        I thought HKYK only serves the regular kind/size AYCE hot pot; not the individual size..

        1. re: mikeyjrd

          HKYK has individual hot pots, but if you are asking about AYCE individuals, then I don't know.

      2. There's Pearl Hotpot in Kingsway, Burnaby. It's not AYCE. Here's a review:

        For AYCE individual hotpot, there is KK Dollar Hot Pot. Here's a review

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        1. re: CrispyLechon

          Haha, I was just in Richmond by Aberdeen Station (for work purposes) and walked by KK Dollar Hot Pot, getting a chuckle out of the name.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            LOL!!! I know! It took me a while to realize what it means in Chinese...hahahahaha! BG

          2. re: CrispyLechon

            I like going to Pearl Hot Pot once in a while. Last time I went (few months ago), they had soft-serve ice cream for dessert! One of them was "green tea" but tasted more like earl grey tea (!) and the other one was ube (taro). Yummy.

            Pearl Hot Pot
            7154 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC V5E2W5, CA

            1. re: flowbee

              i've been to Pearl Hot pot a few times, their combos are ok.

              is the KK Dollar Hot Pot the only AYCE individual hotpot place in greater vancouver?

              1. re: flowbee

                I think they mostly do ice cream for desserts now...simpler and easier! I had strawberry the last time I went and it tasted like those pocky sticks...hahahahaha! BG

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  yup, its Spam or some related type of pork product...
                  apparently a lot people like to order that in hot pot places.....

                  1. re: LotusRapper

          's SPAM-like...luncheon meat...hahahaha...some cheaper brands. BG

                  2. Pearl Hot Pot is my go to place for individual hot pot.

                    I had "individual hot pot" lunch at Little Sheep (Richmond) once, the combos are relatively cheap(around $10 a person) and the soup base was pretty decent, if you are going for lunch, maybe you can give it a try?

                    Pearl Hot Pot
                    7154 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC V5E2W5, CA

                    1. there is posh and shabu shabu that serves individual 'hot pots'. though both are different that the traditional hot pot.

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                      1. re: betterthanbourdain

                        i've been to most of the individual hot pot places you guys have mentioned.....

                        so is KK-Dollar the only individual AYCE in greater van? i heard its quite expensive too...

                        1. re: mikeyjrd

                          I think KK is the only AYCE shabu shabu in town...I could be wrong though
                          POSH is more sukiyaki pots (壽喜燒 or 鋤燒) rather than shabu-shabu...
                          Happy Shabu Shabu has reasonable prices but broth is not as good as Pearl...not AYCE...
                          HKYK...can't's been almost a seven years since I was last there...hahahahaha...
                          Little Sheep...I went there once...for a share-pot...didn't know they have shabu-shabu...
                          Shabu on my wishlist...hopefully soon...not an AYCE...

                          Boiling Point is not a shabu-shabu but do serve in mini-pots...not's just like going to a BBT restaurant and order the hot pots there...they serve you in mini pots with ingredients already in the pot (well, most of the times)...

                          Hopefully this helps!


                          Happy Shabu Shabu
                          3779 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC V6X3Z9, CA