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Jan 12, 2011 06:29 PM

Advice for sashimi meal

My first Chowhound post and I'm seeking tips on preparing a small-plates meal I've been dreaming about. Suggestions? Here goes:

First plate: Ahi and Yellowtail. The Ahi is seared lightly in cracked pepper and salt, plated with ponzu, soy, red peppercorn, julienne scallion, ginger (minced or julienne?), and crumbled black truffle or white-truffle salt -- or truffle oil (which?). Maybe a drop of sesame oil, but will that compete with the truffle taste? Meanwhile the Yellowtail slices have jalapeno rings on each (green or red jalapeno?), yuzu-soy drizzled over and around (2 parts yuzu, 1 part soy), julienne scallion. The plate is garnished with thinly sliced avocado, crushed pistachio, micro-greens. Are the ingredients for the Ahi and Yellowtail too similar to each other?

Next, small plate of sake-honey-baked sea bass and three or four grilled asparagus(?) alongside a mini-ramekin of cold cantaloupe bisque. The bisque is just pureed cantaloupe with salt and light vinegar and drop of honey mixed in. Too much sweetness on the plate?

Next, shrimp-pea dumplings with dipping sauce, and maybe two cooked shiitake (or other cooked mushroom? suggestions? how to prepare the mushroom?)

Maybe Japanese eggplant plate?

Dessert of green-tea sponge cake or green-tea something (?). Or mixed-berry macademia crumble with green tea/vanilla bean ice cream scoop.

What would you do with the sequence of plates, and ingredients. Looking for your personal preferences! Thanks.

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  1. I'm not quite sure how this is a sashimi meal. And I'm also having difficulty identifying this as Japanese (yes I saw that you plan to use yuzu and shoyu). What exactly is your vision for this?

    I guess I am getting old and cranky, but for me there are some issues with some of the combinations you're proposing as I keep hitting on one element that seems jarring to the whole.

    Ahi prepared as tataki with primarily Japanese flavors (fresh ginger would be grated for this type of preparation by the way) and then hitting with truffles. Yellowtail being overwhelmed with jalapeno. Canteloupe bisque with sea bass. The suggestion of four asparagus (bad luck; serve 3 or 5). A delicate dumpling filling competing with a very aromatic mushroom.

    If you haven't made any of these elements before, do a test run on some of the flavor combinations before committing.