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Jan 12, 2011 06:19 PM

My guilty secret: I deliberatly burn certain foods for the browned, crispy edges!

I admit it. I like to overcook certain foods so that I can nibble at the burned edges. I do it to enchilada casserole, mac and cheese and potato kugel. I even sometimes do it to brownies and cookies too. Does anyone else do this? What do you like to overcook?

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  1. sauteed onions. fried chicken. potato latkes. and i love to overcook ratatouille. love the mush eggplant turns into.

    1. Sounds like an oxymoron, but I make easy-over eggs with burnt edges, and half-burnt English muffins and half-burnt bacon.

      1. guilty! guilty!

        I like to make my grilled cheese with shredded cheese, which I let drip over the side of the bread and burn to a crisp in the pan.

        Sometimes I just microwave mozzarella cheese until it turns hard and burn-y, then eat it like hard, cheesy cracker.

        I let my rice cooker stay on warm too long so my rice gets a hard, burnt bottom.

        Sometimes, I let the popcorn stay in the pot just a nano-second too long so some of it burns a bit.

        And I love a piece of burnt-edge lasagna.

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          that slightly burnt rice has a name.... koge (koh-gay) great for putting in the bottom of your teacup. yummm.

            1. re: link_930

              I knew there was a name for it, thanks! does it still apply if it's more than "slightly" burnt? :)

              1. re: puddin head

                humm... koge rice is generally the fair side of black. noorunji sounds korean or chinese perhaps?

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            This reminds me of something I do sometimes when I'm making quesadillas. I melt some queso quesadilla in the skillet until it gets hard and burn-y too, then cook the cheese onto the tortillas. Amazingly delicious.

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              we used to fight over the burn at the bottom of the rice cooker when mum cooked sweet rice using milk and sugar. gosh that was goooood.

            2. I keep a plumber's torch by the stove so I can finish off things that aren't burned enough. If I make pizza and the cheese doesn't have a few dark spots but the crust is perfect, running the flame over the top fixes that just fine. Also works well on onion toppings that aren't sufficiently singed.

              I will sometimes lay out stoned wheat thins and other crackers on a cookie sheet and flame the edges to a nice brown. It's easy to brown home-made breads enough in the oven so they don't need the torch.

              A commercial product that appeals to some charophiles is the Utz Extra Dark Special which are well-done pretzels.

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              1. re: Kunegunde

                What a great idea to keep the torch there! I have a little one for creme brulee, so I might have to try that.

                I know this is weird, but I like to overcook frittatas. Not much, but just enough so all the parm I put on top gets nice and crispy to contrast the soft egginess. YUM!

                Also, ditto to all the crispy cheesy edges!! Grilled cheese, mac n cheese, quesadillas. Oh geez, now I'm hungry!