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Jan 12, 2011 05:46 PM

Skin On Vienna Beef Dogs

I have spotted skin-on Vienna beef dogs here in Austin at a mere $45.19 for 10lbs (80 hot dogs). That's a heck of deal compared to the online Vienna Beef store which sells 30 of them for $90. This place also carries the Vienna Italian Beef as well. And the snausages and other skinless dogs.

Restaurant Depot near St Johns an I35. You need a resale certificate to get a membership. Or a tax exempt certificate AND an authorization letter from a qualified non-profit.

I had already spent too much when I was there to afford the hot dogs this round, but next time for sure. If anybody can't get in there any other way, I may be willing to help if the timing is right. I don't think they had them there last time I was there. They may be a newish product for them.

Other than Boars Head (nyeh), are there any other skin-on hot dogs in Austin? Caspar's from Northern CA would be my ultimate skin-on dog, but I'd be willing to try others.

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  1. Natural casing (lamb's intestine) would be a better description. That's a very good price.

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    1. re: monku

      Maybe it's a regional thing. Ones without casing are "skinless". So while agree that "natural casing" is probably the more accepted terminology, "skin-on" is the counterpart to skinless. And I don't think anybody makes synthetic casing hot dogs, most of all not Vienna.

      You knew what I meant, that's all that matters, right? :-)

      I have a free package of Ball Park "Meat Franks" in my freezer if anybody wants them. They're horrible. Now contains predominately AMR products (specifically, "mechanically separated" turkey, chicken, and pork).


      1. re: sqwertz

        Actually "synthetic" casings of cellulose or plastic are used to make "skinless" hot dogs. The casing is removed after smoking/cooking before packaging.

        1. re: monku

          <sigh> Yes. But they are sold and eaten "skinless".

          1. re: sqwertz

            Vienna and other companies use the words "natural casing" not "skin on" to describe their hot dogs made with natural casing and I've seen cases of Hoffy brand hot dogs marked with "N/C" which means natural casing.

            Kosher hot dogs are made with collagen casings which are "synthetic" and are eaten.

    2. I have seen Vienna Beef dogs in the deli case at Central Market (not with the other packaged dogs, but actually in the case with the meats, available for sale individually). I do not know if they are natural casing dogs.

      Central Market
      4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745

      1. Natural casing hotdogs are difficult to find around here unless you want to settle for Boars Head. I used to order once a year from Usingers in Milwaukee but discovered that Sprouts carries them now! Sprouts has Usinger brots and weiners and Sabratts natural casing hot dogs. A dog isn't a dog unless it's a natural casing!

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        1. re: WSZsr

          I looked there last time i was there a few months ago (Brodie location) but I only saw some off brand, no natural casing hot dogs. I'll look again. Usually when I'm in that section I'm bee-lining for the jars of Nathans/Hermann's Half Sours. Maybe I'm just blinded by my pickle fetish.

          Nice to see one of the "other group" still around somewhere, BTW :-)


          1. re: sqwertz

            These half sours sound intriguing. Please describe?

            -Another Other ;)

            1. re: addlepated

              Addlepated *is* familiar [clickety click] Oh yeah! I know you :-)
              Nathans, made by the Herman Pickle Company, are crunchier than Ba Tempte half sours and Bubbies and cost less ($4 compared to $5 and $6 at the same store). They are a mild, natural pickle using only salt and spices.


              I have eaten a whole jar in 24 hours. I had to since I drank all the juice and they'd just get mushy if not submerged in juice. I am a half-sour pickle and sauerkraut juice fanatic. I buy two of these each time I go to Sprouts. And in between visits I buy HEB's Harvest Moon Sauerkraut and drink the juice from that :-) But you already knew I was kinda weird.


              1. re: sqwertz

                you are making me drool.

                i LOVE pickle and sauerkraut "juice".
                my family always referred to it as a digestive, so i feel relatively healthy, despite the sodium.

                the harvest moon HEB brand also has good marinated artichokes (too oily to swill).
                actually i have liked all the harvest moon products i have tried, thus far.

                1. re: sqwertz

                  Holy cow. Sauerkraut juice. I never thought of that. My family's going to think I'm even weirder than they do now. I love pickle juice.

                  One of my more recent discoveries is pickle salt. You can buy it from convenience stores - people use it for beer or to salt snacks. I found a small shaker's worth of it. It may very well be the perfect road trip snack. And don't get me started on the chile lime salt.

                  1. re: addlepated

                    You've got tons of chile-lime concoctions to choose from if you go to a Mexican Market or a Mexican-oriented HEB (7th street, Riverside, Rundberg, etc..). I have bought a few of those 1.5" packets of pickle salt as well. I see them at liquor stores. But they're not as, uh, refreshing as pickle and sauerkraut juice.
                    Somebody makes a dill pickle potato chip, but I forget where I bought those. Salt and vinegar potato chips work for me pretty well, too.

                    I'm not fond of the main-stream vinegar-powered pickle juices like Vlassic, but Claussens is decent since it's mild on the vinegar and heavy on the garlic.
                    I also drink a lot of virgin Bloody Cesars made with HEB Clam Tomato Cocktail Juice (can't afford the Clamato with my habit).

                    Nathan's (Hermann's) also has a sweet horseradish pickle (cucumbers) that I'd like to try if anybody has spotted them in the area.


                    1. re: sqwertz

                      i have also been known to quaff pepperoncini juice, and pickled okra juice too.

                      1. re: dinaofdoom

                        I go through 2-3 jars of Mezetta's Garlic and Dill Peperoncini a month. And as usual, the juice is the first to go and the peppers don't suffer without the juice (unlike pickles)

                        And at only $1.74.bottle, that's less than most beers I drink. Plus it comes with it's own food :-)

                        -sw (going down to get a few swigs now...)

              2. re: sqwertz

                They usually have them in the deli department at the RR Sprouts. Haven't been there in a few weeks since I have a freezer full.