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Jan 12, 2011 05:25 PM

ny foodie moving to peninsula. looking for best food events big or small... need shopping sugestions.

I am used to going to one store for fish, one for meat, one for produce etc... I am looking for the best markets to shop in and also for the best food events in st and the surrounding area.

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  1. where in the peninsula?
    Lots of farmer's markets in the area (Mountain View is really good as are a few others)
    Meat - Schaub's and Dittmer's in Palo Alto and Mountain View

    1. Sigona's produce is right next to Schaub's. I also like the Palo Alto Farmer's market on Sat. mornings. Draegar's markets in Los Altos and Menlo Park and San Mateo for deli, bakery, etc. Add Olson's Cherry Orchard to your list during cherry and stone fruit season.

      C J Olson Cherries
      348 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

      Draeger's Supermarket
      1010 University Dr, Menlo Park, CA 94025

      Schaub's Meat Fish & Poultry
      395 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304

      Sigona's Farmers Market
      399 Stanford Shopping Ctr, Palo Alto, CA

      1. I think Draeger's has the best fish and meat in the San Mateo area. I also really like the farmer's market at College of San Mateo (aka CSM) on Saturdays.

        Other threads you may find helpful below.






        College of San Mateo
        1700 W Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo, CA

        1. Another vote for the Draeger's chain, the small independent upscale grocers. Los Altos, Menlo Park, and San Mateo which is the newest and resembles a cathedral inside.

          Sigona's Produce (which replaced the Monterey Market annex if I recall) and Schaub's are good; regrettably, the Stanford Shopping Center, a hub for gastronomic ingredients in the 1990s, is only a shadow of what it was. Oakville Grocery went out of business there; the Palo Alto Coffee Roasting Company (PACRC), Teri Hope's firm (her family also grows coffee beans) and something of a training ground for roasters all around the area, was elbowed out of the Center a few years back. The corporate mall owners whom Stanford University sold it to (a few years before that) never valued the draw of the specialty dealers in the "food court" and publicly expressed a preference instead for brands with more "national" recognition like Starbuck's (over PACRC, a merely vastly better independent and local roaster and importer). Teri Hope's other location remains (Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co.) but that's away from the Peninsula.

          Not sure what food events you have in mind, but some large events, especially large wine tasting functions, are public (and advertised in newspapers and online). SF itself serves as a crossroads for the California wine industry and hosts large trade tastings open to public, often themed around specific grape varieties. Search this and the Wine board for past examples. Some smaller events are organized by trade groups and educational organizations including Slow Food. (The American Institute of Wine and Food, alas, no longer has the local presence it did in Julia Child's time.)

          1. Food Event: May 7th is the 2nd Annual No Bull BBQ Cook Off in Morgan Hill. Over 50 BBQ teams from California and adjoining states will be on hand to compete and sell samples to the public.

            The inaugural event last year was a big success from the competitors' pov, but most ran out of meat due to the large crowd. I'm confident they will adjust for this year.