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Jan 12, 2011 03:48 PM

Brown's Mills, Burlington County!?!

This seems to be near Fort Dix, Burlington County. Anywhere excellent for dinner, on the early side, near Deborah Heart Hospital!? That's in Brown's Mills.

And I could use any other reccs for anything at all around there, too, from pizza to ethnic to a good sandwich. I'll be there for a week, while a family member has surgery, and I cannot eat a week's worth of cafeteria food. Help me, Hounds, help me!

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  1. Unfortunately, you’re in the middle of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and the US Army’s Ft. Dix so there’s not much in the immediate vicinity of the hospital.

    The High Street Grill in Mt. Holly, NJ is about 20 minutes away and has good food and a great beer selection .

    Another choice also about 20 minutes away is the Plumsted Grill on Route 539 in Cream Ridge, NJ .

    A little closer at about 10 minutes is Anapa’s Country House Restaurant in Pemberton, NJ but I haven’t been there in many years so I don’t have an opinion on the food or service. .

    The only other choices are a lot of pizza and fast food places.

    Plumsted Grill
    457 County Highway 539 N, New Egypt, NJ 08533

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        Right in town, not too far from Deborah is a shopping plaza/strip mall with an ACME grocery store. On the opposite end from the Acme is a chinese buffett place. While I've not been to it, my friend that lives in B.M. raves about it. There is a small Mexican place across from the Burger King. Oh, and the Acme has a salad bar and a deli. You could pick up a rotissarie chicken and a salad if you don't feel like eating out.

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          The buffet is ok, and at lunchtime, is packed to the gills with us military folk! Not a bad place in the least though at the price.

          The Mexican joint is called Cinco de Mayo and is OK, but see below. It's right next door to the Dairy Queen. Haven't been to the place that is in the old Sonja's location, but I was bummed to see that Sonja has closed up shop. She had a killer rueben, as well as an awesome meatball sandwich. I loved this place!

          As for Analpa's and Cinco de Mayo, beware as these were both listed as "Conditionally Satisfactory" upon their last inspections by Burlington County.

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        1. I was the OP on the thread linked below. We also spent a while in the area there just over a year ago when my FIL had heart surgery. Sonjas was good.

          To be honest, just given time (not wanting to be away long some days) or limitations by my MIL, we ate in the hospital cafeteria and the small diner across the street several times. Not fine food, but decent choices. The cafeteria had a small sandwich "station" that had featured sandwiches (cold or hot) that were made to order. I seem to recall some soups too. DH and MIL also liked some of the hot entrees -- nothing fancy, but comfort food is sometimes what fits the bill. So the days when things are hard to leave -- don't be afraid of the cafeteria. There was always a choice.

          (By the way -- we NEVER would have been able to get my 80-year-old MIL into a Chinese buffet or Mexican, so I can't speak to those. But you do what you have to do!)