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Jan 12, 2011 03:27 PM

Restaurant Toroli

Has anyone been to Toroli restaurant (on Marie-Anne), and if so, what did you order, and how would you rate their food? Would you recommend it for Valentine's Day dinner?

421 Rue Marie Anne Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1Z9, CA

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  1. There's a decent review from Mark Slutsky @ The Mirror - check it out

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      Slutsky's review is a bit out of date. There is a more recent review in from 16 Sept if you read French.

    2. I went there yesterday. The place is very tiny and intimate, so may be OK for Valentine's (depending on what you mean by romantic - tables are quite cramped together so you may be sharing your conversation with neighbors all night). The service was extremely nice, done by two japanese (I think) ladies with charmingly approximate french and english. We had a tofu and vegetable soup as starter, which was absolutely brilliant. Then seconds of tuna tataki and a smoked white fish, we were also both excellent. For mains my companions had the steak with wasabi sauce, and I ordered the roast duck with caramelized apples. The steak was pretty standard sirloin, the wasabi sauce made for an interesting combination. I was actually brought the wrong main (more tuna), and after I pointed out the mistake the waitress left me the tuna while the chef had to quickly prepare the duck - all done with much bowing and apologies. The duck was very well prepared, the caramelized apple sauce a very nice touch. The mains were served with a few steamed vegetables, perfectly cooked. Our main reservations about the food was that the sauces accompanying most dishes were generally pretty similar, very tasty but a bit overpowering after a while, and there was an over-reliance on truffle oil, which seemed to be a significant part of every sauce. Dessert was a pretty standard (though delicious) chocolate mousse.
      Overall we both gave our meal a 7/10. Nice food, well made and somewhat interesting, but not a place we'd go back regularly.

      1. I think they will make it a cozy and romantic night. Japanese take Valentine's Day quite seriously.