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Jan 12, 2011 03:04 PM

Vietnamese soup on cote des neige and st-catherine: La Saigonaise just next door to Pho Lien

My wife wanted to have a good vietnamese soupe "pho". We were on cote des neige street and I remembered there was one that I haven't went to in ages on cote des neiges called "Pho Lien" that was popular like 10 years ago. It was always packed then. They had agreat broth "bouillon" I remembered. Don't know if it's still a hot joint or did popularity go to their headé So can't report if they cut corners on quality to save $$$$ like too many restaurants seem to get into after a while.

Well we didn't have the chance to find out. As we get in front of the stairs we see that lovely sign on the window 'FERME MARDI" "close on Tuesday........&#?#%#&@&*

so we start to walk back and I notice restaurant La Saigonaise just next door and on the street level. I see the sign that they have soup so I tell my wife let's try this one because I have no clue of another pho place around here. We didn't regret our decision the soup broth "bouillon" was really good and tasty. We were both really satisfied with the meal. My only problem was maybe with the noodlles that weren't that tasty to my liking. But the main thing for me it's the taste of the broth before you add any hot sauce or the sweet stuff. The rest was great with full of meat and veggies. I can't comment on the other dishes since we only had a large bowl each of soup that filled us real good. So I recommend this place for the really tasty broth.

La Saigonaise 5711 Côte des neige 514-344-4952

oh yeah they're closed on SUNDAY

Lasaigonnaise T
5711 Cote Des Neiges, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

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  1. Pho Lien is still great and always packed (Vietnamese diners frequent as well)... nothing's changed. I think it's just as good as ever.

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      is pho bac still any good? anyone know?

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        My SO and I have been going to Pho Bac for years - last time Sept '10 and have never been disappointed. Last Dec. we tried (perhaps related?):
        Pho Bac No. 1
        4707 Wellington – at 2’nd Ave – right beside Villa Wellington

        The pho there with raw beef was a tad sweet and less aromatic than Pho Bac (St. Laurent) and the pho chicken had grilled chicken breast (the ugh! "seasoned" variety of no consistency) which seemed to have been added cold to the broth. Stick with the St. Laurent Pho Bac.

        Our second fav for pho is:
        Nguyen Phi
        6260, chemin de la cote-des-Neiges