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Lobster Truck DC

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I went to get a Maine lobster roll at Red Hook Lobster Pound's food truck today. The line was short (it was freezing) and I got mine the Maine style (cold with mayo.) For $15 I thought it compared decently to Luke's Lobster in NYC (I hear they are coming down to DC!)

Main differences were that while I think the Lobster Truck gives more lobster, it had just the slightest, faintest fishy taste. I've eaten about 12 or so Luke's lobster rolls by now, and once in awhile there is an off piece, it's overall perfectly juicy and sweet. Of course, by the time I got back home, my roll was also pretty cold. I would go back if it was in my area but I wouldn't necessarily make a special trip. I did like the scallions on the roll as well. If Luke's Lobster roll is a 9, I'd give Lobster Truck an 8. (Luke's is also $1 less.)

I would totally go back for their clam chowder though. Nice juicy chunks of clam. Some authentic pieces of clam shell, which I guess is to prove that they use fresh clams. But slightly off-putting. Overall delicious and would definitely get again.

Total meal was $22 which is kinda pricey for lunch from a food truck.

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  1. they are pricey. The whoopie pies were really good.

    1. I still havent had the lobster truck yet! I keep waiting for to run into it but it hasn't happened yet. I love the food truck movement. Delicious food on wheels is always a good thing in my book.