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Jan 12, 2011 02:20 PM

Recipes using dried Aji Amarillo?

I found some in a market a few days ago. I know how to make all sorts of Mexican chile sauces with dried chiles but would welcome recipes specific to Aji Amarillos.

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  1. Aji de gallina is the classic Peruvian dish using aji amarillo. They give the sauce its yellow color

    I'd soak the dried ones, then puree them, and use that like the jarred paste. The paste would also work well with similarly colored fruits (e.g. mangos).

    1. Obvious, perhaps, but I've used aji amarillo in Texas chili to good effect. And no, I'm not from Amarillo. ;)

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        What do you call it? bowl of yellow? :)

        I use aji panca more. It's a milder mohogany colored chile.more of a drop in substitute for anchos.

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          I've used aji panca too. My pepper cabinet has literally dozens of different powdered and dried whole chiles. And I'm proud to say I received a jar of pimente d'espellette for Christmas! Nice little acquisition and surprisingly piquant.

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            The closest I've gotten to pimente d'espellette is the dusting on the outside of one cheese that Trader Joes was selling around Christmas.

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              I recommend it. It's a very nice pepper. And incidentally, the Basques have a pepper festival roughly analogous to what happens in Hatch, New Mexico in the fall. I'd love to attend someday.

      2. Thanks for the replies, only recently I used them with some hot 'Alcalde' NM chiles (from Matt Romero at Santa Fe Farmers Market). The chile sauce is wonderful but as I've not used dried Alcaldes before I do not know what contribution the AAs have made!

        1. The dried ones can be used for Papas a la HuancaĆ­na. I have yet to find fresh ones or the paste.

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