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Jan 12, 2011 01:59 PM

Tacos Nayarit (taco truck) Nashua

Interesting article in The Telegraph about the taco truck /Tacos Nayarit that's parked on Pine Street in Nashua. Will have to try it soon 'cause it looks like they might not be around much longer .....

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  1. Miss this Taco truck in Manchester !!! Definitely worthy of a trip to Nashua. Some of the freshest burritos we've had in this area.

    1. Tacos Colima seems to be getting more recognition too, which may be taking business away from it.

      I'd love to try them too. Where on Pine Street? I don't generally hang out on Pine Street.

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        It's located next to the apartment building at 75 Pine St. between W. Hollis and Ledge, unfortunately not a great location but the food is good. The carnitas burrito is my favorite.