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Jan 12, 2011 01:48 PM

Do you flip your cutting board?

If' I've been slicing meat I will often just flip the board over to do veggies. Is this a bad idea or common practice?


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  1. You mean like raw meat? If you flip it over, you've contaminated the work surface and made a mess of the counter. If it's cooked, then you get cooked meat juices everywhere. I use different cutting boards.

    1. None of mine is flippable, so that's moot. I did have one that was just a slab of rigid vinyl with a handle hole, but I never flipped it between operations. I either cut the veges first and then the meat, or simply wash it between ingredients, since I'm by the sink anyway.

      1. If I'm preparing food to be cooked immediately and, essentially together, I just cut it all on the same side. If it needs to be cleaned to prevent cross contamination I simply wash it between ingredients. It's not that I don't flip the board, I use whichever side happens to come up as "top" for the cutting task(s).

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          1. I flip mine. I see the point about contaminating the counter but I am I clean everything up at the end. I have a small kitchen so when I am cooking it tends to get really cluttered and there will be dishes in the sink making it harder to do a quick wash.

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              My kitchen is also a small one, which is why if I don't wash whatever's in the sink before starting to cook I will regret it. And if anyone comes in and tries to put anything into the sink he or she will regret that.

              I do try to have all the prep out of the way before actual cooking starts, because I also have a limited number of pots and utensils, and an extensive menu will see the same things used several times. But I'm seldom using a cutting board at that point. If I do I'll use it on the island table and hope nobody's trying to make cocktails there or anything …