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Powdered Chocolate Frosting Mix?

My mother, a chocolate frosting fanatic, tells me that there was once a superior alternative to frosting in a tub (aside from making it yourself, of course): a mix to which you added butter and water and then whipped. Can anyone confirm the existence of this product, and let me know if it is still on the market?

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  1. Was the mix just powdered sugar and cocoa, possibly dried milk? Because that's really all you'd need to add to butter and water to make a buttercream.

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      That's what I'm guessing it was, but don't really know. The last time she saw it in stores was prob. the late 70s or early 80s.

    2. Trader Joes has one. Tried it last night and it is very good.

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        I agree. It's a bit too sweet for me, but it lacks the chemical aftertaste of the stuff in a tub.

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          Obvously, this won't be the one she is remembering, but at least the option exists- good to know! Thanks!

        2. Yes. Frosting never used to come premade in tubs. It was very distressing the first time I had to buy a premade tub. Such a waste. The best part was licking the blades clean...

          As mentioned, TJs just started carrying chocolate, but I don't like chocolate...

          1. Yep, I'll confirm it. I can't remember when tubs came into play, but as a kid in the 60s and 70s, boxed frosting was the staple (though I thought it was butter and milk, not water). Much better than the tub stuff. But of course not as good as scratch.

            1. I have seen frosting mixes at World Market too.


              I wish they never made the tub stuff. I am also a frosting fanatic, and I think if they never made it then my organs would be better off. I try to tell myself that it is SOOOOOO unhealthy and so processed, but I cannot Not eat it.

              Please someone say something horrible about the tub stuff that will keep me from eating it ever again. Please. Please. I need to never eat it.

              1. I know the exact frosting that your mother is talking about. I have thought about about it many times throughout the years. It was called Q-T Frosting and came in a small box. I don't thing it is around anymore. It was sooooo good. It melted in your mouth.

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                  Thanks, Rooner. Was Q-T related to My-T-Fine, by any chance? :)

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                    No, My T-Fine is pudding that you cook on the stove. Really good when eaten warm!

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                      Is My-T-Fine pudding stil around? Oh boy, I have such fond memories of that stuff..it was the first "dessert" my mother let me make and I felt as though I was the best little cook in the world! I also remember QT frosting--and it was very good--much better than the ready-made stuff out now.

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                    My mother used to take that jiffy chocolate and whip it up with cream - makes a pretty tasty whip cream frosting!

                  2. I get this at my local grocery store, but I live in Oregon and it's a bit easier to find organic here:


                    I've made it and thought it was good.

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                      Interesting, thanks. I know Fairway sells the Oetker organic puddings and gelatins. Maybe I'll check out the section a little more closely next time.