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Jan 12, 2011 12:22 PM

Tapas/Restaurant for Group of 8- Madrid

Any recommendations of a place that could accommodate 8 comfortably and not feel claustrophobic. I know alot of places are quaint with no seating room.

I love tapas and wine. Any recs that I can keep everyone happy with (no picky eaters)...I am traveling with a bunch of ages. Don't want a grumpy old man either.


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  1. Go down to La Mazmorra (The Dungeon) at Cava de San Miguel behind the Plaza Mayor. The groups of arriving 'prisoners' are well treated: ham, chorizo, tortilla, Padron peppers, sangria… and 'ransoms' are reasonable. Another option is El Mesón de la Guitarra on the same street.

    1. If you are into wine, you might like Taberna Matritum (on the Cava Alta)--I'm almost positive you can reserve a table ahead of time, which would be key with such a large group.