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Jan 12, 2011 12:04 PM

Soup from Brisket

I have a little leftover meat and a lot of extra sauce from a brisket I made using my default brisket recipe:
Actually, I always add some wine and lots of carrots to the recipe. I was thinking of turning the leftovers into soup, but unsure what flavors to add. Does anyone have ideas that would go well with basic wine-onion-carrot-beef?

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  1. I had the sauce without the meat and made a soup with barley, mushrooms and carrots. I added some meat beef not sure what cut)that i had braised. The soup was great, however the meat not good. Maybe next time I will add some briskiet.

    1. I second making a mushroom barley soup. My husband doesn't like lentils and split peas, so I cook them separtely with an onion and then puree. I add that to a pot with barley and carrots, add water and you can put the meat in and cook slowly for a long time. I put it into the oven that way I don't have to worry about catching. Later I add lots of sliced mushrooms. I like a lot of cracked pepper, and everyone loves it. I just made my second 20 quart pot in two weeks. I used to use short ribs and brown them, but I just started using neck bones and brown them and then add everything else. I take the bones out and shred the meat and put it back in. So the brisket should be great..