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Jan 12, 2011 12:01 PM

Meat Easy - New Cross [London]

Burger fanatics will be happy to hear about the new "chop-up" speakeasy cocktail and burger bar at the Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross. Its a 2 month temporary venture by Yanni of Meatwagon fame, who sadly had his van nicked last year.

Went to the pre-launch last night - which saw an extended menu of meaty stuff along with world class cocktails from Soul Shakers. Sure its going to be a big hit..

more details here

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  1. Definitely going to stop by.

      1. Managed to stop by on Sat night after heading down from B'ham for the day. Easily one of the best nights I've had in a long time, I'm only sorry that I had to leave by 20:30 to get the last train back home.

        We got there at 18:30 and it was already packed and were told that there would be about an hour's wait before we could order food. So, we decided to have a few drinks whilst we waited. The cocktails were nothing short of spectacular - tasty, boozy and serving them in jam jars worked. I may have to start keeping my empty jam jars and serve cocktails from them at home now. The atmosphere was buzzing and EVERYONE was looking forward to the food (not least because the smells coming from the kitchen were so enticing). Pretty soon, the 75mins wait before ordering food flew by.

        The food itself was fantastic - Even better than all the blogs raving about it. The onions rings were chunky, onion perfectly cooked and the batter remained crisp so there was a DEEP crunch as you bit into them. The burger patty was perfectly seasoned and cooked pink, yet it was so tender that you had a crisp, charred exterior but the inside melted in your mouth. The (sourdough?) buns remained crisp and didn't go soggy at all - Even when it absorbed all the juices. The Philly Cheese steak nearly reduced my friend to tears after one bite - Because "he knew that he would probably never have anything as good as this again." One bite revealed juicy strips of thin steak with perfectly cooked onions and green peppers (which themselves weren't overcooked so retained some crunch), the cheese melted and acted almost like a glue holding everything together without being overpowering and again, the bun absorbed all the juices as with the burger.

        However, the star of the show was definitely the mac and cheese - Who'd have thought that something so simple could make 2 people so delirously happy? But it's the simple things that other mac and cheeses get wrong but are done right here that make the difference: The cheese sauce isn't too rich, overpowering, claggy or too thin and bland. The pasta is cooked right and the ratio of mac to cheese is just right. I took a mouthful and it was so good that I wanted to carry on eating it (and I'm not normally a mac and cheese kind of gal).

        The only (slight) disappointment was the triple cooked chips in that they were (just) very crispy fries. I think that it also suffered slightly because it was so overshadowed by the other 2 sides. If I hadn't tried the onion rings or mac and cheese, I would have been perfectly happy with my burger and fries.

        I'm not due to go to London again until next month but I find myself trying to find any excuse to go before they pack up and leave the Goldsmiths Tavern. I know that if I could, I'd happily go there every night it's open.

        If you can, you simply *MUST* try it here - I look forward to going again.

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          we went on saturday night also...

          the buns didnt seem like sourdough at all to me, much sweeter than that (which is a good thing for a burger bun imo). i found the patty a lil underseasoned, i could have done with a bit more salt. other than that yeah the food was good.