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Jan 12, 2011 11:09 AM

Cooking dried kidney beans-splitting


I am cooking dried kidney beans for a batch of chili. I have read several posts about soaking, adding salt, not adding salt, etc. However, I am trying to figure out why the beans split when I cook them. I usually have used cans and am trying to plan in advance so that I can use dried instead. Ive cooked dried before, but not often so I am not sure what I am doing right or wrong. What should I avoid doing?

Here is what I did

-soaked overnight. Threw out water it was soaked in.
- Threw soaked beans in a crockpot and filled with water.
- Turned on low. After 6 1/2 hour they looked done. As I mentioned, a bunch of these split.

So any insights? Here are my thoughts and questions.

Cooked too long?
Low is not low enough?
Add salt?

Thanks in advance for insight

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  1. I don't cook in a crock pot, but in a regular pot if you cook beans too long, or on too high a heat, they split. In my rice cooker they take 1- 1-5 hours.

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      Agree with magiesmom - cooked way too long ... even cooking in a pot on the stove, it should only take 1 - 2 hours if they've been soaked all night.

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        Thanks to you both... I think I will try the pot next time.... I just read a previous post from someone that said they let them cook while they are at work. I will either do that or keep an eye on them to see what time works with this crockpot. Thanks so much again.

    2. Please be careful cooking kidney beans in a crockpot! They contain a toxin that is denatured by heat, but some crockpots don't reach a high enough temperature. You may have to boil them gently first, and then put them the crockpot.

      See here for more info:

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        Boil until tender, no salt, no crock pot. do not overcook.