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Jan 12, 2011 11:00 AM

Hali'imaile General Store for dinner...with kids?

Is Bev Gannon's restaurant too nice to visit with a pair of 3 year olds? Trying to pair this with an excursion to Haleakala (obviously not for sunrise), as we'll likely not head that direction twice on our vacation. I've read up that the General Store is $$$ and "nice", but is it a fine dining type atmosphere where our children (even if they are well behaved) would be an annoyance to other diners?

I wouldn't want my anniversary dinner being "spoiled" by laughter and potential "outside voices" volume, so trying to avoid doing that to others.

We might consider lunch as the alternative.

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  1. ethereal: I'm sure your whole 'ohana will be welcome.

    If you are concerned, please call and ask: 808.572.2666

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      I agree. I've seen a total cross section of people in HGS. If they're well behaved I'm sure there will be no problem