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Jan 12, 2011 09:39 AM

GF lunch/breakfast spots around kimmel ctr and convention ctr

Wife and I will be heading to the car show at the convention center on Sunday, staying at a hotel downtown by kimmel center (Alexander Inn 301 South 12th Street) on 2/6-2/7.

We plan on heading to Giorgio on Pine for dinner after the show on Sunday, but are looking for places for gluten free dining for lunch prior to the show, and breakfast the following Monday morning. Breakfast I'm assuming is almost non-existent for GF dining, but lunch suggestions would be great between convention center and kimmel center. We aren't trying to spend too much for lunch or breakfast ($15/pp max for each meal). Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Fuel at 13th & Walnut has GF bread options, they are very accommodating. It would be a good spot for lunch. Their schtick is that everything on the menu is 500 calories or less, but the food is actually pretty good.

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      I was just about to mention Fuel too, i was gonna see if anyone had any reviews about them......too quick for me barry

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        Muahaha. I just ate at the South Philly one the other day, it's a nice place for a quick, cheap lunch. Good sandwiches and salads.

    2. I'm not a GF expert by any means, but would just eggs and potatoes or similar be ok for breakfast? There are two Marathon Grill locations not far from you that might be able to accommodate. I know they've carried GF beer in the past so they seem to be somewhat aware.

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        The only issue with gf for breakfast is that alot of times, they cook on something that gluten foods would touch (tongs, flattops, etc.) The risk of cross-contamination would be too high IMHO, so therefore, unless the restaurant is fully aware of the cross-contamination, it would be too high for my wife (she is the one who needs to be GF) to eat at. Don't get me wrong, there are places that can cater for a GF breakfast, but I haven't seen any in Philly or the surrounding areas as of yet.

        As you stated, yes, there are plenty of foods she would be able to eat, but it depends on how it was prepared, which is very difficult for a restaurant to do for breakfast.

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          Got it. You could try picking up some pastries at Sweet Freedom Bakery a 15th & South (100% GF bakery) the day before, and then getting coffee at Spruce Street Espresso near the hotel that morning for breakfast. They probably wouldn't mind you bringing in outside food if you explained why, they don't serve much food there.

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            good point, i have been wanting to go there for awhile. i saw them on cupcake wars on food network a week or two before. looks promising. i just hope i can get there before they close!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Sweet Freedom Bakery is closed on Mondays. GF pasta is available at Maggiano's near the Convention Center. As for brunch, closest place to recommend is Le Castagne, followed by Cafe Estelle.

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            Thanks for the info. I'm actually looking for breakfast Monday morning, as lunch/brunch Sunday (Fuel) is taken care of, along with dinner (G. on Pine). Breakfast seems to be the hard one to do, as it is on a Monday, and needs to be GF.

            BTW, I am an avid reader/follower of your website. Excellent information and keep up the good work!

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              Just had a though on breakfast. The Garces restaurants all have GF menus, and Garces Trading Company is open for breakfast on Monday at 8am. I'm not sure if they have hot items for breakfast, but you can at least get coffee and something to eat.