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Jan 12, 2011 09:06 AM

Asheville area CSA's

Do any of my fellow Chows in the Asheville area subscribe to a CSA? Got any recommendations and/or negative reviews? I'm casting my eye in the direction of either Emma Farms

or Cane Creek

Anyway...we had a CSA when we lived in Michigan and LOVED it. I'd love to hear about anyone's experiences here in Western NC so that we choose our new CSA wisely. Thanks!

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    1. re: dingey

      Sorry, can't help you with a CSA review, but I did recall this article from the Xpress last year that lists and interviews several of the local options. If you search the Xpresss forums people have comments on CSA's they have used, so perhaps you can find some recs there.

      I have been very pleased with the City Market downtown, so when market season comes around we go down there every Saturday and buy what we need for the week. My husband is a little pickier than me when it comes to veggies so this works better for us than a CSA since we can just buy what we like and in the quantities that make sense for us.

    2. I will be moving to Asheville from Banner Elk, NC..a small resort/ski town about 90 minutes north east of Asheville. Western North Carolina has a great organization Appalalchian Sustainable Argriculture Project that releases a publication featuring WNC farms (including CSAs, U-pick, farm tours, roadside stands etc.) as well as restaurants and many other things relating to WNC agriculture.

      Here is a link to their website:

      Greenlife usually has this publication available in the stands at the front of the store.

      1. Thanks all for the tips. I think we may just go with easiest pickup option and see how it goes for a year. I love hitting the farmer's markets, too, but with the amount of time that we spend commuting from Maggie Valley to Asheville for work, the idea of NOT having to go out early Saturday morning to get veggies is kind of appealing. An easy grab of a big box of goodness on the way home from work sounds eeeexcellent. ;)

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