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Ketchup Bar

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New burger place by the Farnatchi people opens in Uptown tomorrow. Suppose to have lamb burgers, homemade ketchups, etc. Let's hope this place turns out a better product than Village Burger Bar.

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    1. Someone say Lamb Burgers??? Music to my ears...I'll def. try to swing by this weekend!

      1. Hmm, I love Farnatchi and, I love lamb burgers. Gotta try it.

        1. This thread had me at the word "Ketchup".

          1. My burger was a little dry and tasteless for the price. Also, there was way too much bread for the burger. However, the fries and homemade ketchups(there were 4 I believe) were awesome. I'll stick to Maple & Motor for my burger fix, but I'll be back to Ketchup to try the lamb and turkey burgers and tasty condiments and sides.

            1. Ketchups - Excellent
              Parma/Truffle Fries - Delicious
              Lamb Burger - Good, but not extrodinary
              Girl at the front taking order - URGGGG, don't know where to get started, except that they need to get someone else.

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                Yea but did that girl at the front taking the orders look pretty? Its not about skillz anymore rather than beauty doing the job at least at some places in Uptown.

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                    Oh I could've said it in MANY worse ways...trust me! But one of the owners came up to us and chatted so that was nice. They should sell some of their ketchups in bottles...ummm!