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Nov 28, 2005 01:19 PM

Ultimate poll

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For the past few years, LA hounds have participated in an annual Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants survey. The concept is simple: everyone is asked to list, in rank order, your top 5 restaurants in LA County that you would recommend to houndly out-of-town visitors or to chowfriends for a special occasion. Your ranking should be based 75% on food and 25% on everything else.

To participate, reply with a list of ONLY your top 5 choices -- in RANK ORDER, 1 being best. This is what we used to call in school a forced-choice exercise. Responses with more than 5 choices will NOT be included. Replies with fewer than five choices will be tabulated. A simple list will suffice, but any & all explanation is welcome.

More than 60 hounds responded last year. The more replies we receive, the more useful are the poll’s findings, so please do reply.

Here’s the Grubster’s top 5:
1. Providence – a master seafood chef at the top of his game
2. Spago – still the reigning champion of the Champions Tasting Menu League
3. Lucques – has found its way back to the top
4. Water Grill – rock (cod?)-solid performer
5. La Buca – Mama, Mama, I think I love you, Mama

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  1. 1. Palms Thai
    2. La Serenada di Garibaldi (Boyle hts)
    3. Sushi Wa
    4. Sona
    5. Lucky Dragon

    1. 1. Bastide
      2. Valentino
      3. La Cachette
      4. Mission 261
      5. Babita

      1. Clarifying question -- are we recommending only "fancy" joints (so that places like Langer's and Tacos Baja Ensenada are excluded)?

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        1. re: David Kahn

          because I don't have too much experience in the fancy places ...

          1. re: David Kahn

            Any & all types of places you would highly recommend are appropriate.

            1. re: Mr Grub

              Okay then. (It was the "special occasion" thing that threw me.) The David Kahn ultimate top five (at least for today) are:

              1. Langer's
              2. Josie
              3. Mi India Bonita
              4. Providence
              5. Din Tai Fung

              1. re: Mr Grub

                1. Sona (Creativity, Ingenuity and Sensitvity)
                2. Lucques (Ultimate in Comfort Food)
                3. Valentino (Wine List)
                4. Grace (Elizabeth Belkind)
                5. Northwoods Inn (hehehe-Cheesebread and blue cheese salad.mmmmmmmmm)

                In the end, I gotta be me.

            2. 1.) Urasawa
              2.) The Grill on the Alley
              3.) R-23
              4.) Peppone
              5.) Pizzicotto

              1. 1. Providence
                2. R23
                3. Piccolo
                4. Hungry Cat
                5. Zankou