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Jan 12, 2011 06:46 AM

6 qt Kitchen Aid - small quantities of ingredients

Since I've owned my kitchen aid, I haven't used it much because it doesn't effectively beat smaller amounts of "stuff" - For instance: I just started with 1 cup cream cheese - beat until fluffy - well, it just splatters to the side and the beater doesn't reach it - so added the cup of butter - and have to turn it on to hight to get enough centrifugal (?) force to get it to beat properly.... Anyone have a magic cure?

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  1. Get a BeaterBlade. It has the little silicone fins on the sides that scrape down the bowl for you. I've had mine over a year now and love it to death. Just be wary of using it for extended periods as it might wear down your motor.

    1. Have you adjusted the mixer so the beater reaches the bottom of the bowl? There is a screw you can adjust to lower the beater. I had to make that adjustment when I bought my mixer.

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        Will get the beater attachment - thanks!
        Where is the screw? Thanks

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          This link has a description for tilt head and bowl lift models.

      2. The 3qt combi whip and mixer bowl?

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          I have the combi whip and the 3 qt bowl it comes with - perfect for smaller quantities and I use it often. When I got it a couple of years ago it was a Williams Sonoma exclusive but it may be more widely available now. Definitely a good investment as it makes the Kitchenaid so much more versatile. I also have a BeaterBlade, which is great in the 6 qt bowl but doesn't replace the combi.

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            I have the 3qt combi whip and mixer bowl and use it too with my 6 qt. Truth be told, often I just use a hand mixer if I have small amounts of ingredients. Using the right tool for the job works wonders. :)

          2. Hi, I am a KitchenAid employee.
            If your not already doing so please follow the instructions below. This should help with the Flat Beater picking up the ingredients from the bottom of the bowl. Keep in mind you will have to stop and scrape periodically.

            To Attach Bowl
            1.Be sure speed control is OFF and stand mixer is unplugged.
            2.Place bowl lift handle in down position.
            3.Fit bowl supports over locating pins.
            4.Press down on back of bowl until bowl pin snaps into spring
            5.Raise bowl before mixing.
            6.Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.

            Thank you, hope this helps.

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