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Jan 12, 2011 02:12 AM

#1 Black Licorice?

... I know some (or most) people hate black licorice, but I do not. I want to know what is the best you have ever had and where can I get it? I prefer a softer, chewy licorice... but if there is an awesome hard version, I suppose I'd want to know.

Also does anyone know if that licorice mix with the colored squares--licorice allsorts--is any good? I have never had it.


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  1. I love Black Licorice, and red and chocolate as well.
    The best Black that I have had is Australian, BUT not Australian style made in the US.

    I detest licorice allsorts (the mix you refer to), as all that pink goo is like oversweet cake frosting.

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      My wife is a licorice nut also ( I can't stand the smell or taste) and agrees that the best black is from Australia. She usually finds it @ TJ's

    2. http://www.amazon.com/Kookaburra-Blac...

      Kookaburra Black licorice is fantastic and avail thru Amazon

      1. If you are a serious licorice person, you may want to try Dutch licorice, very intense and usually salty. The Italian pastilles in teeny metal cases, there are a zillion brands, are bittersweet and a little goes a long way. Try licoriceinternational.com. for an excellent assortment.

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          I've never tried Dutch licorice. Is there one in particular you would recommend?

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            They are listed by shape and whether salty or sweet. Differences are mainly in how chewy/hard the piece of licorice is. l really tried to like them, ordered 10 different shapes and firmness, but way too salty for me. Admit l do have a salt issue. If you find a GROM gelateria or a ice cream place in France or Italy they will generally have reglisse which is licorice, it is my # flavor favorite, esp GROM

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            Am addicted to Dutch licorice, so I have chosen never to have any in the house. The popular Venco line is good (katjes and other sweet/soft "drops"). Here's everything you need to get started.

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              I'm surprised about the salt. I never heard of salty licorice until now. I wonder if this is a recent trend (like salted caramel), or if it is a traditional Dutch style.

            2. I am a licorice fiend. My current favorite is Venco Katjes, a not-too-sweet, non-salty licorice. (Venco is the brand, katjes just means "cat" or "kitty" in Dutch). These are imported, but I stock up when I'm in The Netherlands. Most towns and cities will have a shop that sells Dutch groceries, though.

              Beware the "zoute" or "dubbel zoute" flavors, unless you really really really like salt. These will knock you down with saltiness, trust me.

              1. i love licorice both salty and sweet. dont have a fav brand.

                have u guys tried turkish pepper? its salty, sweet and kinda spicy, yum

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                  How peppery is Turkish pepper candy?

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                    not that peppery at all. the candy itself is just sweet and then in the middle it has a powder that is salty and a little peppery. Its a fun thing to try

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                      I intend to, very curious to try it actually.