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#1 Black Licorice?

... I know some (or most) people hate black licorice, but I do not. I want to know what is the best you have ever had and where can I get it? I prefer a softer, chewy licorice... but if there is an awesome hard version, I suppose I'd want to know.

Also does anyone know if that licorice mix with the colored squares--licorice allsorts--is any good? I have never had it.


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  1. I love Black Licorice, and red and chocolate as well.
    The best Black that I have had is Australian, BUT not Australian style made in the US.

    I detest licorice allsorts (the mix you refer to), as all that pink goo is like oversweet cake frosting.

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      My wife is a licorice nut also ( I can't stand the smell or taste) and agrees that the best black is from Australia. She usually finds it @ TJ's

    2. http://www.amazon.com/Kookaburra-Blac...

      Kookaburra Black licorice is fantastic and avail thru Amazon

      1. If you are a serious licorice person, you may want to try Dutch licorice, very intense and usually salty. The Italian pastilles in teeny metal cases, there are a zillion brands, are bittersweet and a little goes a long way. Try licoriceinternational.com. for an excellent assortment.

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          I've never tried Dutch licorice. Is there one in particular you would recommend?

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            They are listed by shape and whether salty or sweet. Differences are mainly in how chewy/hard the piece of licorice is. l really tried to like them, ordered 10 different shapes and firmness, but way too salty for me. Admit l do have a salt issue. If you find a GROM gelateria or a ice cream place in France or Italy they will generally have reglisse which is licorice, it is my # flavor favorite, esp GROM

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            Am addicted to Dutch licorice, so I have chosen never to have any in the house. The popular Venco line is good (katjes and other sweet/soft "drops"). Here's everything you need to get started.

          3. I am a licorice fiend. My current favorite is Venco Katjes, a not-too-sweet, non-salty licorice. (Venco is the brand, katjes just means "cat" or "kitty" in Dutch). These are imported, but I stock up when I'm in The Netherlands. Most towns and cities will have a shop that sells Dutch groceries, though.

            Beware the "zoute" or "dubbel zoute" flavors, unless you really really really like salt. These will knock you down with saltiness, trust me.

            1. i love licorice both salty and sweet. dont have a fav brand.

              have u guys tried turkish pepper? its salty, sweet and kinda spicy, yum

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                How peppery is Turkish pepper candy?

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                  not that peppery at all. the candy itself is just sweet and then in the middle it has a powder that is salty and a little peppery. Its a fun thing to try

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                    I intend to, very curious to try it actually.

                2. I'm a bonafide black licorice fiend and have been for 50+ years. I just love the Australian black from Nutsonline.com; decidely the best I've ever had. Chewy and fresh with a hearty licorice flavor, and not too sweet.

                  I've had the Italian pastilles, those are nice for a little burst of licorice flavor, but I don't really care for the saltiness of the Dutch licorice; that leaves more for others who do. Switzer's, step way aside, wherever you are...

                  My dad loved Allsorts, we always had a box in the cupboard, and I liked some of the shapes, but more for the fun of taking them apart and eating the little layers separately (when I was 6). I never could figure out what flavor the yellow or pink layers were.


                  1. Callard & Bowser's licorice toffee! Haven't had it in years, but it's the richest, tastiest soft licorice I ever had.

                    I'm currently working my way through a tin of Katjes Kinder, German-made "hard" candies (really semi-hard, like jujubes) and not particularly strong. These came from Cost Plus.

                    1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will be working my way through them all--except for I need a break from black licorice. I tried 'Allsorts' today for the first time, and I think the sugar, and syrups, and other unnatural ingredients ruined me. I feel pretty ill. (It is one of those times, when I realize why I really need to Go Raw for good.)

                      1. I didn't realize till I saw an episode of "The Doctors" over Christmas break that black licorice should NEVER be taken if you are on certain medications

                        If you are on any prescription drugs, do some looking around before you eat black licorice. My DH is on several meds for his heart disease and most of them don't play well with black licorice.

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                          It has been noted to raise blood pressure, but generally little and for a short period

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                            From ehow:

                            Drug Interactions

                            "Black licorice can interact with certain drugs, causing serious complications. Taking black licorice with an ACE inhibitor, such as Captopril, can cause decreased effectiveness of the medication. People who are taking diuretics for high blood pressure should not take black licorice because it can worsen the side effects of the medication. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that there have been reports of women having side effects of low potassium levels and high blood pressure when combining black licorice and oral contraceptives. Diabetics who take insulin daily should avoid black licorice due to adverse effects on blood sugar levels."

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                              I think ask your own doctor is the most sound advice any of should be offering on this website about food.

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                            Here's a quote from the Hershey's website. Hershey's makes Twizzlers; their Black Twizzlers contain licorice extract and anise oil. The nutrition and wellness information on their website discusses, from a nutritional standpoint, Hershey's use of HFCS in their products, nuts, sugar substitutes and chewing gum. The glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root extract is the culprit.

                            "Those licorice candies which contain licorice root extract will typically declare either "licorice extract" or "licorice root extract" as an ingredient on the package."

                            "Glycyrrhizic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the licorice root and is about 50 times as sweet as sugar. In excessive amounts, glycyrrhizic acid has been associated with undesirable side-effects including headache, sodium and water retention, loss of potassium, high blood pressure, and heart irregularities."

                            No mention of what constitutes "excessive amounts" though.

                          3. The Vermont Country Store carries many kinds of black licorice, including sweet and salty treats from Holland, Denmark, England and France.


                            1. Panda. I get it at Trader Joe's. It's deliciously tender, but does harden if the box has been open for a while. I keep a box in my car for emergency sugar rations.

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                                It never lasts long enough to get hard in my house. : > )

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                                  Thirded on the Panda. Don't love any of the Australian licorice I've had, but I could eat Panda by the pound.

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                                    Fourth on Panda. My relatives from Finland brought some licorice (Fins love it) when last they visited. I wish I could remember what kind it was. I hadn't realized (until a couple years ago) that Panda is from Finland. Didn't read the box because I crack it open too fast to have noticed!

                                2. Years ago, Switzer's licorice plant was in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis. My father used to be called out to work on the elevators inside the plant. They would send him home with a box of black licorice "ends" made usually that very day. I have not had licorice in many a year, but this thread brings back some great memories!

                                  1. I used to like Twizzlers but I got hold of some Darrell & Lea's as well as Wiley Wallaby Genuine Black Licorice. WOW! Wiley Wallaby is great. Darrell & Lea's also though not nearly as strong.

                                    Buy a package of each, Twizzlers, Darrells, and Wallaby. Try Twizzlers first, then Darrell's, then Wallaby (in order of strength). You'll see what I mean.
                                    Darrells is stronger than twizzlers but on the sweet side. Wiley Wallaby is a LOT stronger but it does have a slightly bitter after taste but not enough to put off a lover of strong licorice.

                                    BTW! I got mine at Gordman's. I bought $30 worth on sale to stock up.

                                    1. The best liquorice I have had is pure Calabrian liquorice pastilles. Literally this is liquorice and nothing else: no sugar, no flour, no molasses, nothing. They're (inevitably) hard but the flavour intensity is of course unmatchable. Liquorice is a Calabrian regional specialty.

                                      Not that this will necessarily help you - but there is a small market stall in the Borough Market, London, that specialises in all things liquorice. Their selection is awe-inspiring.