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Jan 11, 2011 10:45 PM

Enchiladas cooked on a disc (disco en spanish)


I am looking for a place that cooks food, specifically enchiladas, on an outdoor disc. The enchiladas are usually made by dipping the tortilla in guajillo sauce and then light fried on the side of a large round disc (think an upside down ufo). Making these enchiladas indoors is a mess which is why the disco is so helpful.

Enchiladas are usually filled with a potato mix and folded in half, not rolled, and topped with cabbage, queso, crema, salsa, and jalapenos with a side order of fried chicken (not breaded). Usually chicken or fried tacos are being cooked in the middle of the disco which has oil in the center, similarly to a wok but much more flatter, as they are ordered.

I had these in Patzcuaro, Michoacan and in my mom's comadres back yards back home. I am dying for some of these enchiladas, pollo, and tacos! Help me find them!

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  1. I have only seen enchiladas prepared on a disc like this in Southern California at a catholic church festival in Santa Ana. You can buy them at a store called Tonala in the 43rd St. Northgate center. Good luck

    1. You're looking for Enchiladas Placeras. And if you had them at Don Emilio's in Patz then you've had the best :-). Actually, they're cooked on a memelera which as a well in the center for hot oil (or probably lard in Patzcuaro). The tortillas are dipped into the sauce then plunged into the oil to soften and cook and then filled. They are utterly delicious.

      Haven't seen any in SD, but then I also haven't really looked recently.

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        May I encourage you to look? Please?

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          It's the evening street food in Patzcuaro. The stands spring up around the Plaza Chica as the sun goes down. There must be 20 - 30 different stalls all selling Enchiladas Placeras.

          I've heard some encouraging things about a couple Michoacana style places in Lemon Grove. That's not too far from me, maybe I'll check them out. The best part about Enchiladas Placeras is eating them streetside sharing an oilcloth covered picnic table with the locals, an agua or cerveza at hand and the nearest TV broadcasting lucha libre, a telenovela or soccer match to no one in particular.

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            A friend of mine brought this device camping up in Laguna Hansen and made these for us, along with the chicken and papas in the middle, I thought it was just his specialty. Thanks for the education. I really need to make it to Patzcuaro.

            1. re: stevuchan

              You would die and think you went to street food heaven :-). The nieves under the portales on the Plaza Grande, not to mention that it's lined with cafes where you can just sit and sip good tequila.

              The memelera actually looks more like a sombrero turned upside down than it does the grill above.

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                were they good? If so, would he come down and let us hounds buy some off of him?

                1. re: daantaat

                  Strictly a camping meal over an open fire with many Palomas.

              2. re: DiningDiva

                Thank you for the name and recommendations. I have been dreaming of these enchiladas! And yes, I agree, it is an experience. My family is from Patzcuaro and it has been too long since I've been.