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Any special meals you like to cook when you want to impress someone you are interested in?

Granted a lot depends on the person and what they like. I would say i can make a good pizza and i like making some popcorn that i jazz up with herb butter and dubliner cheese. I also like the idea of crepes since they can have meat or not, and they can even be dessert.

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  1. specifically - either a steak or pasta. Generally something complicated and impressive that I'm really well practiced at, lavish desert and vatloads of booze.

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    1. I always make the same thing... shrimp fajitas. Everyone i know likes shrimp fajitas and they are usually a very high ticket item when eaten at a restaurant. Add to this that they are impossible to mess up, and when using cocktail shrimp even a college student can afford it $12 for (cocktail) shrimp fajitas for 2.

      For drinks i go with the cheapest spumante ($4) that the liquor store has and put it over frozen strawberries ($3) in thier own syrup.... grand total $11 dollars ( i buy 2 bottles of champagne)

      For desert i make cherries jubalie... $2 can of cherries, $2 gallon of icecram, i always have bacardi 151 on hand, something about a pan catching on fire in your kitchen puts ladies in the mood.... by the way having bacardi 151 handy is nice because if you are with a lush, or the champagne runs low, you pour the 151 and coke over ice and let her drink till she looses her morals.

      So there you have it a gourmet meal for under $30, honestly what is awesome is that this meal can lay around in the freezer of your home and be ready to go within 20 minutes of you coming home from a club.... at 3am your 4 star home cooking is doubly impressive.

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          Haha awesome and if she knows how cheap you really are your definitely going to need that 151

          1. When my DH and I were poor college students attending different schools and living in towns 45 minutes apart it was comfort food that floated his boat. He and his room mate were on severe subsistence eating since neither could cook and room mate was obsessed with really bad pseudo-Mexican (boxes and cans). When at his place I would make large pots of soups and stews, braises, roasts, pasta sauces, anything that they could easily reheat, got better for the reheating or could be turned into sandwiches during the week. It's 20 years later and I often hear after meals, "I am a lucky, lucky man."

            1. Something Italian. Always pasta. Sometimes fish.

                1. It's been an AWFULLY long time, guys, but I'd usually cook some favorite of mine, seldom at all fancy. Once or twice it was even tuna-noodle casserole! I was not looking to impress so much as gauge her taste, her comfort level, and her interest in food itself, because I'd known a few ultra-picky macrobiotics freaks and eat-to-live fundamentalists, and frankly did not want any of those around the house. The future and forever Mrs. O had never tasted tuna-noodle casserole and took to it like a kid to her first ice cream. I think the next thing I did was spaghetti and really garlicky buttery garlic bread, but by then her role in my life and vice versa had become a settled law of nature, and her obvious enjoyment of the meal a foregone conclusion.

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                    My husband grilled a steak over the fireplace our first valentines day together, very romantic

                  2. I always liked to cook scallops for some reason... easy to cook, but seem very fancy, and kind of unexpected.

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                      The guy Im with now keeps late hours. He often shows up at my place after midnight, like he did last night. He's easy to feed, luckily for me, and loves a good omelet. He also loves leftovers and can make an entire meal out of odds and ends, like I can. But when I need to really impresso, I bring out the big guns: lemon meringue pie. He gets that when he's been a very good boy lol!

                    2. Depends on the meal. If it's a casual one-dish meal, then a hearty dish of pasta (bucatini or rigatoni all'amatriciana is a good bet, so is egg tagliatelle in a light cream of porcini mushroom sauce). If I knew the guy loved steak, then ribeyes and mashed potatoes, maybe a red wine reduction. If it's a longer dinner, and I don't know how much of a chowhound the guy is, I'd go with something fun and accessible, like an array of crostini and bruschetta, with a nice Prosecco to start. If he is definitely a "foodie", I'd probably go with a risotto followed by a nice slow braised meat dish. Definitely red wine with almost anything- unless I know he is a beer guy, in which case I would be sure to have both a high quality imported beer and a local microbrew onhand to offer. And I would serve something breaded and fried to go with it! And always make dessert! Chocolate pudding, chocolate cupcakes, or, in the case of my guy, anything chocolate with ice cream :)

                      OTOH, I have been known to seduce with killer french toast and 'breakfast cocktails'...

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                        I dont know, If your already making french toast and breakfast cocktails it sounds like the seduction part is already over. As a guy when I have girl over pretty much anything wows them if you can cook, and make sure you have Red or White wine handy. A flavored Risotto with pan seared scallops is good if you want to get them involved stirring and adding chicken stock this works especially if they say they are not good at cooking. Many girls unfortunately do not like anything from the sea so would not bank on scallops, and chicken is always the safest route like frainchese or parm over pasta. If you have time a roasted chicken is always a great way to impress, there is a boursin roasted chicken that always scores a homerun for me it has little prep, who wants a big prep when getting ready for date, and is pretty amazing. It all depends on the person your trying to impress.

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                          hehe, french toast is good anytime.

                      2. I agree with the Italian food suggestions. The meal that segued a twelve year friendship to romance - shrimp scampi, salad, bread, lots of wine.

                        1. pasta with truffle butter sauce on the foodtv website (Barefoot contessa show). If that can't get it done, nothing will.

                          1. Depends on whether I'm expecting tonight to be the night! No good ever came of jiggling about with a belly full of heavy carbs and rich creamy pudding...