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Jan 11, 2011 09:25 PM

Aspartame? Does anyone else enjoy it?

I like it. Not tolerate. Not, "If sugar didn't make me fat and give me cavities, I'd be drinking a coke. But I guess I can bear to drink this diet cola. Maybe my tears will sweeten it a little . . . " Not eating those devil cookies, because you have to watch your blood sugar.

There's something evil about the way it tastes. Something ghostly, sweet but poisonous. I like it. I don't think I could eat it in a cake or a brownie, but I really enjoy the "diet" drinks. I've even been experimenting with putting it in my own tea.


Nobody agrees. I've experimented with sucralose (Splenda) in desserts. I've had a lot people surprised that the sweetness comes from Splenda. I know several people that prefer saccharine (the pink packets) in their coffee. I made a mocha cheesecake recently; I steeped cream with coffee beans and sweetened it with saccharine and whipped the cream to top the (sucrose sweetened) cake. People were happy. People like sugar (sucrose) and honey (glucose and fructose). But I don't know anyone else that really enjoys the taste of aspartame. They tolerate it like they tolerate the other cars in traffic.


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  1. I'm honestly not sure. The only soda I keep are Diet Dr. Peppers, so it just may be that over time I've grown accustomed to the sweetener. Well, put it this way. I like it enough that I still view it as the occasional treat, but don't like it enough that I put it in other products.

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    1. re: ediblover

      The only one I can drink is Diet Dr Pepper as well! Absolutely despise aspartame in every other product (I've got mad skillz at spotting it) but can drink Diet Dr Pepper no problem.

    2. Pick me, pick me! I only drink diet soda (namely diet coke), not only because I can drink it in large quantities and not rot my teeth, but also because I like it. Yes, I like it! Most people I know are astounded when I tell them I like it (shock, horror!) and wouldn't rather be drinking regular coke. I haven't gone so far as to replace sugar with artifical sweetners in my baking, but I definitely prefer drinking diet sodas. To me regular sodas now taste like syrup and are just far too sweet for me.

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        Actually, you can rot your teeth because the phosphoric acid in soda is at least partly to blame for that, and it is present in diet sodas, esp colas. My dentist told me that college kids are always shocked to find they have cavities when the only soda they drink is diet. So watch those pearly whites....

        1. re: Isolda

          :) Yeah I thought of that as I wrote it. Then I chose to remain ignorant...because what I don't know can't hurt me, right?

      2. I don't know if I like it or not. I'm just addicted to it, that's all.

          1. re: Karl S

            LOL, it's funny you should mention that because cyclamates just popped into my head the other day; I couldn't taste the difference when I was a kid (Tab or Fizzies, anyone?).
            I personally hate all dietetic sugar substitutes, including stevia because I think they taste horrible. In addition, my mom's GI tract was a mess until I made my dad dump every NutraSweet-containing item in their kitchen. However--and this is weird--I really like Crystal Lite iced tea (the peach and raspberry flavors) although I dislike their non-tea offerings. I don't drink it anymore, though, because I suspect it's unhealthful, plus I brew my own kombucha now and use that as my go-to quaff.
            For those who don't actually like aspartame et al., Whey Low tastes EXACTLY like sugar because it is; it's a proprietary blend of various sugars combined in such a way as to confuse the body's digestive tract into only absorbing 25% of its (the Whey Low's) calories. The downside is that it's expensive but they're having a sale through 1/24/11; the coupon code is NEWYEAR. Tasting is believing!

            1. re: MacGuffin

              I have patients (I'm a neurologist) who I've cured totally their migraines by cutting out aspartame, which makes sense as it's a glutamate analog (like the much villified MSG). Crystal light, diet sodas and sugar-free sweets are all culprits. Splenda doesn't seem to bother people, and I don't have any patients using stevia yet (although I use it myself... I think it makes my coffee taste like whiskey, which isn't a bad thing).

              1. re: anthony.izzo

                LOL I can't stand coffee OR whiskey but your point is well-taken!
                Y'know, now that you mention it, I think Splenda was the culprit in my mom's case and I've since edited my comment to reflect that. Whichever it was, she's no longer experiencing the problem.

                1. re: anthony.izzo

                  I'm a migraine sufferer and artificial sweetners are definitely a trigger. Sadly, Splenda, Sucralose, Stevia all bother me too. I felt so vindicated when I watched Sweet Misery to see neurologist such as yourself speak to what I'd known for years. This stuff is poison and totally tweeks our brains! I'm actually relieved I have a sensitivity to it; I love that my body warns me to stay away from this poison!

                  1. re: joyfulmts

                    i agree with you on all the chemical sweeteners - sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, Ace-K, neotame (there are so many!) - but *pure* stevia leaf is an herb and doesn't belong in the same category.

                    aspartame used to trigger my migraines too - i haven't touched the stuff in probably 15 years. i always thought the chemicals had a strange taste/aftertaste...and i almost ended up in the ER a couple of times because i had such violent gastrointestinal reactions to Splenda.

                    1. re: joyfulmts

                      for me, stevia triggers headaches (not migraines, but normal headaches).

              2. I'm kinda 'hooked' on Splenda these days...Coke Zero is my 'poison' of choice...aspertame does have a distinct aftertaste to me.

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                1. re: DawneeBabe

                  For many years I drank diet drinks and used gum with Aspertame. Then, I developed some medical issues and I stopped using Aspertame altogether. When I want to take a break from sugar now, I use liquid Stevia both in drinks and in baking. I find the flavor is more subtle and it is not harsh on my body.