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Jan 11, 2011 08:16 PM

Cape Cod in Winter discussion....Anything?

Seriously, is there anything to talk about regarding off-season dining on the Cape? Personally, I'm in a rut. I keep repeating the same ole, same ole. For me that's Alberto's, Misaki, Embargo, Colombo's, Tomato's, The Dolphin, and The Bee Hive, (mostly beause it's so close). All have been consistant, yet I'm feeling a bit ho-hum, especially when I get a chance to visit my nephew who recently moved to Somerville. Talk about an abundance of diverse choice. But no. Here on Cape one has to get excited over the new tapas available at the bar at the Dolphin. About 8 choices that seem to vary over time, running from $4 to $8. I've had roasted littlenecks, mini fish tacos, crab and lobster cake, and all were tasty, but not exactly earth-shattering. I long for something new . Anything. I hear Il Dolce on Main Street, Hyannis is now doing a dinner course. Anyone been?

Anything new to report out there Cape Hounds? Anything?

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  1. You've probably been already, but Soprano's in Mashpee can be very good, and Wicked has very good sandwiches (really like the chicken sandwich with mango salsa, with great fresh cut fries, for 9 bucks, not wild about the pizzas, though).

    Have you tried Osteria La Civetta in Falmouth? The atmosphere isn't the greatest, but the food was very authentic bolognese.

    Also, the sushi at Peking Palace in Falmouth is excellent, and the chinese food can be good, if you like that style of "suburban" chinese.

    Peking Palace
    452 Main St, Falmouth, MA 02540

    Osteria La Civetta
    133 Main St, Falmouth, MA 02540

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    1. re: winedude

      Although we don't get to Falmouth often, I do love Osteria La Civetta. Truly unique offering for Cape Cod. Not a big fan of Wicked, and never tried Soprano's as there are good red sauce places closer to home for us. (Alberto's or Tomato's). Thanks for the reply.

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        I'm not a big fan of Wicked either, but for a change of pace, the sandwiches work for me. Also, while Soprano's has its fair share of "red sauce" dishes, it has a fairly upscale atmosphere (and prices to match), with some very good fish dishes and more Northern fare. You might like it.

        Also, have you tried Bleu? I haven't been, but I've heard good things. And Asia in Mashpee is owned by the same folks as Peking Palace, and is closer to you.

        If you want to take a drive, you could head to a nice lunch at PB Boulangerie, in Wellfleet. It's worth the drive just for the croissants and other pastries, IMHO.

        Peking Palace
        452 Main St, Falmouth, MA 02540

        11 Market St, Mashpee, MA 02649

        1. re: winedude

          I heard that PB Boulangerie would be closed for some weeks in Jan-Feb. I would call before you schlep out there.

    2. I don't have anything new; but, any interest in the Scargo Cafe or the Wianno Grille? We have also had good luck lately at the Black Cat.

      Black Cat
      165 Ocean St, Hyannis, MA 02601

      Scargo Cafe
      799 Main St, Dennis, MA 02638

      Wianno Grille
      380 Barnstable Rd, Hyannis, MA 02601

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      1. re: Fiona Jane

        Actually Fiona, I consider the Scargo Cafe as one of the absolute worst places on the Cape and the Wianno Grill has been out of business for many months now.

        I never think of the Black Cat, however, so thanks for the mention. It's worth a try for sure.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Sorry about the bad information re: the Wianno Grille. I'll have to read up on your other posts re: Scargo. I typically agree with your opinions. Thanks to your posts we discovered Misaki and enjoyed a wonderful lunch just before the New Year. And, I think the Dolphin may see us in the near future.

          1. re: Fiona Jane

            Glad to hear I've been some help now and again. Misaki is quite nice and never disappoints. The Dolphin is a good local spot for me. Not sure it's worth a special trip, but I like the feel of the room and the food is typical new England fare generally done right. Service has been reported as spotty but I've never had a complaint.

        2. re: Fiona Jane

          Tried the Black Cat today for lunch, a first for us. Was surprised to see it's the same ownership as Columbo's and The Roadhouse. More surprising were the prices. Very agressive price points for a casual restaurant. Some bordering carzy like $6 for a cup of chowder, $19 for a fried shrimp plate served in a plastic basket, or $13 for Oysters Rock with only 4 oysters per order. Food was pretty good, but just doesn't warrant the high prices. Too bad as the room was comfy and the bar area particularly nice.

        3. I would second Sopranos. I think it is more than a red sauce place.

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            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Stand out may be an overstatement but I have enjoyed the veal francois and the pasta sinatra.

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            1. DiParma's Table is an excellent Italian restaurant in West Yarmouth. Great food! Located on Rte 28. Oliver's is good in Yarmouth on Rte 6A.

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              1. re: judyd

                Sorry Judy, as snobbish as this will seem, both Olivers and DiParmas's are mentioned frequently in the "Worst of Cape Cod " thread and for good reason. I 'd be hard pressed to think of two places in the mid-Cape where I'd rather not eat.

                When an "Italian" restaurant mis-spells "Bolognese" as "Bolognaise" on their menu, it's clear that they haven't a clue. The food is as Italian as Olive Garden. Some people like Olive Garden. I do not. At all. Even a little. But I'd go there before I'd go back to DiParma's.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Boy, I try and try for somewhere new and I keep shooting blanks. I know there are some nearby gems out there like Lyric, but in the winter I just feel like throwing on some jeans and a pullover and venturing out for a casual meal. Tonight, we decide to give Mahoney's in Orleans a try. Mind you, Orleans is a 30 minute ride for us, so the expectations are higher on the "worth-it" meter. Wife has small ceasar and the tenderloin. I have one cocktail and the drunken shellfish (mussels mostly and three tiny littlenecks) and rack of lamb. Choice of starch is mashed potato (not bad), barley risotto (mezza mezzza) and cous cous (didn't sample). The veg is an uninspired butternut squash. Total tarrif before tip, $92. Nice comfy room with a fine looking bar area . Service was professional and efficient. Value?....Not so much.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    The next time you "travel" to Orleans, try The Beacon Room. We dined at Mahoney's a few times and found it to be OK only. The Beacon Room has a much better menu and the prices might be a little higher for some but worth the money. The room also has a nice feel to it.

                    Beacon Room
                    23 West Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

                    1. re: ppmaysa

                      Spot on for the Beacon Room rec! Thanks bunches! Casual, yet somewhat refined. White linens, a comfy and wonderful room. Our service was attentive, efficient, very pleasant, and professional. The menu is varied yet familiar. Prices on par or even a tad less than Mahoney but the result was 10x more enjoyable. The wife had a surf and turf, a small filet cooked a perfect med. rare with two baked stuffed shrimp. I had seafood fra diavlo on pasta which had a bit of heat as it should but not at all heavy handed. Pasta was a nice al dente and the varied seafood (Sea Scallops, calamari tubes and tenticles, 2 jumbo shrimp and 4 littlenecks were all cooked perfectly. Will certainly return. My kinda joint. Thanks again for the rec.

                      Beacon Room
                      23 West Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

                    2. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Have you tried Norabella on 28 in West Dennis yet?
                      I've been 3 times over the past 2 seasons and it has yet to disappoint for quality.

                      1. re: foleyd7

                        LOVE LOVE LOVE Norabella..and now Buca's ...two fav spots..