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Need: food theme suggestions for next New York trip

I'm looking for a food theme for my upcoming trip. My previous tasting tour themes include, cupcakes, chocolate, and gelato.

Thanks! :)

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  1. Macarons, dishes with uni, and ramen +/- hand-pulled noodles.

      1. For real New York foodstuffs: Pizza, bagels, pastrami, and cheesecake. Pizza probably has the largest number of great choices among those items, though. Oh, another one: Matzo ball soup.

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          The others are discussed ad nauseum. But where have you had the best matzo ball soup?

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            Probably 2nd Av. Deli. Cafe Edison also has a good one. I'm not sure which other places would be in the running.

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              Have you had DBGB's? I've heard good things but not tried yet.

              299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

        2. You could do a not-so-common ethnic food theme : Western Chinese, Sri Lankan, Nigerian, Senegalese and so on. This'll force you to go around different neighborhoods. That's a good thing.

            1. soup.

              rice-rice balls(Italian and/or Japanese), risotto, fried rice, paella, rice noodles, pilafi, rice pudding, etc.

              dumplings-a dumpling tour thread already exists, widen to include ravioli/tortellini/tortelloni, mandoo, gyoza, manti, perogy, pelmeni, kreplach, etc.

              pies- include pizza, pissaladiere, empanadas (Spanish at various tapas restos, Puerto Rican, Chilean, Argetinean, sweet, savoury, etc- not sure where the best ones are), Australian meat pies from Tuck Shop in the WV, Jamaican patties (from the WI food cart in midtown), burek (Balkanika has several types, but I like Djerdan's bureks a little better), boureka, spanakopita, tiropita, Momofuku candy bar pie (which I like better than the more famous crack pie), coconut cream or banana cream pie, whoopie pie (there's a recent thread on whoopie pie, inc recs for Flex Mussels' version)

              meatballs, rice balls, falafel, matzoh balls, sesame balls (jin deui), honey balls (loukamades- I like the loukamades at Molyvos)

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                There are also places like Bo Ky that have soup with fishballs, shrimp balls - I wish they had cuttlefish balls, but I think I'm thinking of Chao Zhou in Flushing for those.

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                  That's a great addition to the list ;-) Also could add takoyaki (octopus balls), as well as rum balls and snowballs (recs for each turn up in some older Manhattan threads).

                  Otafuku is on my wishlist for their takoyaki.

              2. tapas
                dishes with foam (just kidding...)

                For sweets, how about dessert trucks? You can follow them on Twitter.

                1. Sandwiches
                  Best Breakfast Quest

                  1. Foods sold in street carts/ trucks. You'd be surprised--you won't just be relegated to hotdogs and pretzels. Plus you'll save $$$, too!