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Jan 11, 2011 05:50 PM

Anyone know where to find a MACHACA in Austin like they make at Kiki's in El Paso, TX?

That's my question. Anyone have an answer? It's a crazy good mexican dish they have at Kiki's restaurant in El Paso (this restaurant was on food network for the dish) and I'm craving it, but not the drive to EP lol.

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  1. i've never ordered machacado in a restaurant, i've only had my father-in-laws machacdo con huevo. but found this, it's only a couple years old

    1. Born and raised in EP and as yet have found no one who makes it like EP. Lemme know if you find anyone.

      1. amayas has the best machacado in town. no idea how it compares to el paso.

        1. I usually go to La Cocina de Consuelo on Burnet for a breakfast burrito with machacado and avocado before heading to Houndstooth for coffee, and it is very tasty (don't know how it compares to what you have had though). From Kiki's website it says that the machaca also has cheese so maybe you can ask them to put some cheese to melt on it. She also makes her own flour tortillas to go with it.

          1. Machaca is really a New Mexico-style dish. I've never found anywhere in Austin that makes it as good as Lucy's in El Paso. Just sayin' ...

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              Oh,'re killin' me. I love-love-love Lucy's machaca. I was born and raised walking distance from King's X/Lucy's and was a regular there. They would always serve me my special order of one chile relleno, a scoop of machaca and a Tony's taco "the old way".

              Sadly, the last time I was in town, the food wasn't nearly as good as I had remembered.