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Who likes cooking breakfast? Any stories about cooking for someone or someone cooking you breakfast?

A ex-girlfriend learned how to make eggs benedict for me. I was so impressed. But alas i work sunday brunch now years later and have had my fill of seeing them and making them. Now of days i enjoy a nice omelette.

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  1. If he is not working my husband enjoys doing the weekend breakfasts at our house. He regularly makes me cream scones or pancakes or softly scrambled or poached eggs and bacon and brings it to me on a tray in bed. He really knows how to spoil me! I enjoy making scones, too, as we have so many wonderful homemade preserves to go with them such as fig jam, lavender jelly, bluberry jam, and so on. Other favourites include savory cheddar bacon bread pudding, granola, baked oatmeal...As much as I love making breakfasts that is where my husband shines and it gives him such pleasure. And seeing him so happy makes me happy. :-)

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      Great story. I got a little hungry after reading your post.

    2. One of my most favorite activities is preparing a breakfast or brunch for a group of family and friends. It gives me an opportunity to assemble a variety of crepes, omelettes to order, aebleskivers with or without fillings (again to order), high and light pancakes, Belgian waffles, scones, biscuits or muffins, and so many other things (like Antelolpe tenderloin or Sage hen) that I enjoy making but don't get a chance to because I usually only cook for two people; one of whom is myself. Sometimes I'm tempted to invite people off the street to come in for breakfast just to have a group to cater to.

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      1. Love cooking breakfast for the family. I feel so "mom-like". While eggs - especially eggs in a hole - are a family favorite, I personally love making pancakes for the kids and hubby. They are always so impressed, and it's really not difficult to whip up. I can also make customized pancakes - chocolate chips, blueberries, apple and walnut - further upping the impressive factor.

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        1. I love to cook breakfast, it is my husbands favorite meal of the day. I make him a modified Ulster Fry. Fried eggs, bacon, potatoes and roasted mushrooms and tomatoes with toast. He is in heaven which is why it is so much fun to make.

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            Sounds very much like this breakfast sandwich i always get at the davis farmers market.

          2. I think breakfast is my favorite meal when it's done right. If I want a nice, real breakfast I'll usually either make scrambled eggs and bacon or pancakes... mmmmmmm.

            My grandmother on my dad's side makes the best breakfast. Homemade biscuits, grits, pork tenderloin, fresh cut fruit, homemade jam, and scrambled eggs. That's the kind of breakfast you eat and then just keep eating leftovers for all the other meals of the day.

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              Any special way you cook your scrambled eggs?

            2. No specific story, really, but I've always considered sharing breakfast to be kind of an intimate thing...I mean, no one gets all dolled up for breakfast. The combination of sharing a meal and not being under the pressure of, say, a business lunch or a black-tie dinner, seems like it's reserved for the people I'm closest to. And anyone who makes me breakfast will have a special place in my heart forever...I'm absolutely not a morning person, so I've always thought there was something really sweet and selfless about someone getting out of bed so I can wake up to the smell of bacon sizzling. :)

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                1. My dad, who was from County Mayo, Ireland, would make an Irish breakfast every Saturday - legally or illegally imported sausages, black and white pudding, rashers, eggs, and tomatoes. I just made this last weekend for my DH and kids. I couldn't eat it every week but it brings back so many memories. I guess it's that not too many people put much effort into breakfast.

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                    I can't do the black and white pudding thing but Rashers? Can You share the recipe?

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                      I absolutely LOVE breakfast. I love it to the point where I have to find the source of the freshest eggs available. This includes asking Javier, who lives across the street from the local Salvation Army, if he can spare some eggs (I spied some chickens in a yard one day, and just stopped and asked)!!!!!!
                      He gave 4 eggs over, free. Would not take money. Next time, when the chickens are older, I will give him $.
                      Also love fresh pancakes, freshly made waffles, you name it.
                      My sister and I are getting into Potatoes O'Brien to have with our eggs. We usually just get them frozen, but about a week ago, we had some diced potatoes left over from a soup recipe. We fried them with some diced onions and diced peppers, and had the best breakfast.
                      We also adore making Ina Garten's Herbed-Baked Eggs. We try only to make them on special occasions, like Christmas Weekend. I say "try", only because my sister asks for them every other weekend.
                      It's a struggle.

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                        I love to make patties out of left over mashed potatoes and fry them in a little butter. Baked eggs in a ramekin are yummy.

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                          It's Irish style bacon - more meaty and thick than the US kind.

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                            Sometimes, if you'll see a British person on a cooking show, they'll say, I'm using "streaky bacon". That's what American bacon is to us on the other side of the pond.

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                          Would you be having black coffee with that breakfast?

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                            We have a B&B so I do breakfast for our guests every morning during tourist season (April-Nov). I offer 3 choices of breakfast with Irish being the one unchanging option! I can get authentic black and white pudding but I have to sub in Canadian bacon or country ham for the rashers. Most of the guests wouldn't know there's a difference between streaky bacon and rashers but I would!

                          2. I too enjoy cooking breakfast! Whether just an omelet for someone before work, or a larger meal on a weekend. Usually nothing special, maybe eggs or pancakes or french toast; breakfast tacos are a family favorite. My favorite is when I get to cook a tailgate breakfast annually for family and friends at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival parade. I have a 3-burner outdoor stove and a 37"x16" cast-iron griddle that fits the top of it. I've made mostly the standards... bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, fried and scrambled eggs, peppers and onions to go with the potatoes and eggs, pancakes, including blueberry, chocolate chip and cinnamon roll (those were a hit this year), and of course mimosas to accompany it all. Oh..all of that started at about 5AM. It's a lot of fun, and all is done and cleaned up by parade time. If anybody has any ideas for other dishes, please mention them!

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                              Am I your friend?
                              And do I live close enough to help you with your party?
                              Sounds great!!! LOL

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                                Sure aurora, CH'ers who like to cook certainly seem friend-worthy to me! As for how close you are, I don't know....I'm in Canton, OH - where are you? Doesn't matter, make a trip of it!

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                                  I'm in California, but I'll make a note of it for later -
                                  Yes, new friends are always welcome!!
                                  : )

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                                    "Yes, new friends are always welcome!!
                                    : ) "

                                    My sentiments exactly! Next time a player from a Calif. team is inducted in the HOF, you have an excuse to follow ;-)

                                    We'll be cooking!

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                                Breakfast burritos! Its how we start our tailgates!

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                                  The tailgate story brings back memories. When we were first married, we would go to Penn State games, where they take tailgating VERY seriously, and our dear friend's mother would cook breakfast for 10+ people and then start in on lunch while we all drank beer and ate our eggs. That woman was amazing.

                                  I like cooking breakfast on the weekends.

                                2. The kids love pancakes. Its always fun to cook for them. They top them with peanut butter and eat them with their hands. They really do have table manners, but I let them get away with this on Saturday mornings.

                                  Mrs CHM likes bacon (crisp), toast, and over medium eggs. These must be perfict and its taken me years to get them just right. Whites may not have any brown, yolks must be runny. All whites must be set, no hint of runny, unset, or moist white. She will cut up the eggs and search for "icky whites". Six weeks ago we moved into a new house with a flat top stove that I absolutely hate, but whattaya gonna do? Beautiful house, no gas. I think I'm back on track, the first few attempts were not acceptable. The last two tries have passed.

                                  Method. Heat omlette pan over low to med low heat for a long tme. Add oil, and eggs. Hold yolks apart until whites start to set. Cover with lid and cook on low heat until just that moment. I can't describe it, but I know it when I see it. Flip eggs (no spatula, just flip em in the pan) , turn off heat (with this flat top abomination called a stove I move the pan to cool spot on the flattop) and plate toast and bacon. Flip eggs again and slide out onto the plate. Wipe extra oil with a paper towel. Serve and hope for the best.

                                  1. I'd have to say breakfast is my favorite meal to cook, aside from the intimate late night, candle lit dinner.. no finer way to start or end any day! Breakfast, as with most meals, tends to reflect the bounty of the season. Love to make a nice smoked salmon Benedict with asparagus and morels (or skip the salmon and just go with the veggies), paired with a simple side of fried potatoes and ramps. Recently made my friend a great omelette with mixed mushrooms (black trumpet, hedgehogs, shittake, and blue foot chanterelles), fresh root spinach, stone crab claw meat, and a touch of brie... some crusty sourdough and olive oil, a bowl of fresh fruit, and a big cup o' joe. I wasn't sure whether to take on the world or head straight back to bed.

                                    Now, for just me... I tend to go with a scramble of chorizo, fresh jalps or serranos, onion, potato, and some cilantro... a side of corn tortillas and some salsa verde. Breakfast of champions...

                                    1. Alltime favorite breakfast story was waking up still drunk after a houseparty in the UK. There was a large basket of all the traditional fry-up ingredients (eggs, bangers, blood sausage, beans, tomatoes) thoughtfully laid out in the kitchen. And despite everything, a weird synergy happened. As people came staggering in, they placed their orders to the lady at the stove (me) and it all worked out well. A few mugs of tea later, I woke up waaay too much, but everybody got fed and fed well.

                                      1. I am not a breakfast person, I have toast and coffee at 5am, But I cook brfeakfast for my 14 yo daughter 3 mornings a week before school and for wife and both kids on the weekends. I do pancakes, omelettes, frittatas, french toast, home fries, and home made hash. I feel like a short order cook, as the three of them don't want the same things or to eat at the same time.

                                        But, I wouldn't change it for the world, makes the family much closer.....................

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                                            Yes, that reminds me...
                                            My father and mother got divorced when we were very young, so I can count the number of times on my two hands how many times I saw him after that (he has since passed away).
                                            But, on one time he came to visit (we were in our 30's by then), my sister remembered that he used to cook "pretty eggs" (basted eggs) when we were young. She said, "Make pretty eggs for breakfast, Daddy!"
                                            And he did. It was a treat to see him hovering over the stove, carefully making a beautiful breakfast for us kids, like the old days.
                                            He never cooked for us again, but we cherish that memory.

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                                              Thank you for sharing that , I could see it in my minds eye.

                                        1. I do not like cooking breakfast. It is however, not a problem with the food, but with the time of day. You ask me for a full-out breakfast feast at 7 p.m., and you will get it. At 7 a.m.? I'd prefer to pass. In addition to not being much of a morning person, I just don't like to eat such a large and/or complicated meal first thing in the morning.

                                          But I love having breakfast made for me. On weekends, my husband is in his element, happily kicking into gear making hashbrowns and eggs or quiches...and timing them for an hour when all at the table (*cough* Cay * cough*) will be in convivial moods.

                                          As wonderful as those late morning hashbrowns/coffee/NYT weekend fests are, the weekdays are not too shabby. I have to confess that I do get breakfast in bed, Monday through Friday. Yep. I know I'm lucky. My husband and I have different rising schedules, but still like to share some conversation at the start of the day. He communes with his coffee and paper and comes upstairs to dress for the day...and brings me a breakfast of some lovely little open-faced sandwich or another: shaved ham on black bread with some tomato slices, hummus on flatbread with some cucumber, leftover pate schmeared on a hunk of baguette, sliced cheese and fruit on a hard roll. It's one of the most wonderful kindnesses I can imagine - although I suspect there is some element of self-interest in his motivation! We discuss the day, I get something in my belly, and everyone's happy.

                                          He says it's worth it for the dinners he gets. All in all, a good deal. Lucky me.


                                          1. We love cooking breakfast, even though it's what Mr. S does everyday for work. We made eggs benny last week when we had a rare morning off together.

                                            More often, if we have a morning together, we'll go out for breakfast. But we do make breakfast for dinner every other week or so. I like the standards. Home fries, bacon/sausage, eggs either over or scrambled.

                                            If I have someone over for breakfast or brunch, I'm usually more creative...crustless quiche, strata or waffles with various toppings.

                                            1. DH and I cook a big breakfast together at least one day a week, usually on Sundays. In fact, on Sundays we usually have coffee, read the NYTimes, and then start in on a big late breakfast. Really its more of a brunch, since we don't eat lunch. And afterwards we go for a long walk to work it off....Its pretty standard fare (bacon, eggs, etc) but we always add his Gujarati-style curried potatoes (like home fries but so much better!) and mimosas. Ocasionally I'll do French Toast or pancakes.

                                              When I was in college I had a summer job at a family camp where one of my duties was assistant cook. (There were never more than sixty or seventy people staying there, so everyone "shared" jobs: I was also the lifeguard and boating dock attendant, and taught sailing and swimming to whomever wanted it). The regular cook had a bad habit of drinking too much and sleeping in and missing breakfast. Fortunately, he was nice enough to warn me of this tendency my first day on the job. For the first order of business he taught me everything he knew about cooking breakfast for a large group so that he was comfortable with me "filling in" when he didn't wake up. He taught me how to make wonderful biscuits, and how to be a short order egg cook without going nuts. He also taught me his (great) recipes for potato salad and macaroni salad (we would make the salads at breakfast time and then lunch was just a buffet of that and sandwhich stuff....). That man was a wonderful cook...too bad his drinking kept him from a better job....

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                                                Can you share any of pointers on being a short order cook? I would have to say most cooks do like their drink.

                                                1. re: Deep_sea_diver

                                                  Gosh its been so long ago (almost 40 years) that I can barely remember. I think the main thing was "keep your head." He would make sure that all the eggs were put on the griddle in order so he could remember who's was who's and which had cooked the longest; I remember that. That seemed very logical to my mathematical mind so maybe its something all cooks do. This was my one and only stint as a "professional" cook.

                                              2. breakfast is special to me. BF in the beginning would make me these farmer-needing-sustenance-for-laborious-day-ahead bfasts - 6 pieces of bacon, 3 eggs, toast, potatoes, orange juice, etc., before i'd go off for my day... i ate like a farm hand before going off to acting classes feeling so warm and cozy and taken care of. and even now, his breakfasts are iconic for me. he makes a mean egg dish. whether simple straight up eggs (lid on the pan, so they become puffy but like over easy eggs) or benedicts with little savory squares of smoked bacon over poached, lightly napped in hollandaise, he makes the best breakfasts ever.

                                                i used to go to friends' home years ago and after many a drunken night, make eggs benedict with Knorr-Swiss brand benedict sauce - i STILL cannot make a credible and/or consistent hollandiase.....

                                                making bfast for my momma was always great. she LOVED LOVED LOVED pancakes, drowned in strawberry syrup, i'd make her banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes..... once, brioche french toast with almond and vanilla extracts - fluffy as can be.... she was able to eat bacon again near the end, and loved it, with soft scrambled eggs, a little bit of minced shallots melted in butter... breakfast is my favorite meal and i don't make it enough. thanks for this thread!

                                                1. Breakfast @ my house 8am sharp! every Saturday and Sunday morning between December and April. After that I'm in Maine on wknds. :) Anyone invited. Usually my brother and 83 y.o walking partner come over to brkfst w me and hubs. I cook whatever strikes my fancy that morning. Always fresh fruit salad. Ususally Scrambled, veggie omelets, pancakes, or waffles, and bacon, toast, homefries and good coffee. Love, love ,love my weeknd breakfast w my favorite peops.

                                                  1. Back in college there was this guy (call him "French Toast King" - FTK) who had a bit of a crush on one of my roommates. One night we were all hanging out and someone made a comment on how much they love french toast. The next morning at 7am (we were a house of early risers) the FTK was back at our apartment with all the fixins to make french toast, including a griddle! This continued weekly for the next few months, until FTK's new girlfriend forbid him from coming over to cook for us.
                                                    The best part is FTK was just recently a contestant on "Worst Cooks In America". But honestly, at the time the french toast tasted pretty awesome!

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                                                      Did he reference his title on the show? "I may not be able to dice zucchini in uniform cubelets, but in college I was known as the French Toast King!"

                                                    2. Many years ago I took my husband-to-be for a romantic weekend at an oceanside cottage on the east end of Long Island (NY) for his birthday. Kitchen & kitchenware included. In keeping with the situation, I made us a huge breakfast of "fish & eggs" - lovely pristine fresher than fresh cod that I "poached" in an obscene amount of butter, around which I cracked in a few eggs for company. Artisinal toasted bread with more butter & local preserves completed the meal. It was heavenly!!

                                                      Now that we've been transplanted to VA, I rarely find fish fresh enough to even come close to duplicating that experience, but it's still a fond memory. I do try to make a good hearty breakfast for us on Sundays. Nothing fancy - omelets, scrambles, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

                                                      1. I love cooking breakfast and having breakfast cooked for me. And there is one main reason for this....Bacon!

                                                        1. I used to love cooking breakfast for my kids; I raised hogs so there was always plenty of the best quality sausage, bacon, chops and jowl (pronounced with a 'Joe' sound rather than a 'jow' sound in the Ozarks. And our own eggs of course. (sigh)

                                                          My Dad always made great breakfasts too. Biscuits with his wild plum jam, or my favorite - molasses. And of course biscuits and gravy with flavor that will not be found in any restaurant gravy (which is like thick salty milk to me). He also makes tomato gravy which is GREAT. It is made like regular gravy but w/ crushed tomatoes and/or sauce. It is so good - fresh tasting.

                                                          When I was a kid, a friend said her mom made 'chocolate gravy' and I was very eager to try it.
                                                          I was stunned that what she made was Jello chocolate pudding poured hot over biscuits. But hey - chocolate is chocolate! I never did make that though. I think I'm a gravy snob.