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Jan 11, 2011 05:36 PM

Who likes cooking breakfast? Any stories about cooking for someone or someone cooking you breakfast?

A ex-girlfriend learned how to make eggs benedict for me. I was so impressed. But alas i work sunday brunch now years later and have had my fill of seeing them and making them. Now of days i enjoy a nice omelette.

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  1. If he is not working my husband enjoys doing the weekend breakfasts at our house. He regularly makes me cream scones or pancakes or softly scrambled or poached eggs and bacon and brings it to me on a tray in bed. He really knows how to spoil me! I enjoy making scones, too, as we have so many wonderful homemade preserves to go with them such as fig jam, lavender jelly, bluberry jam, and so on. Other favourites include savory cheddar bacon bread pudding, granola, baked oatmeal...As much as I love making breakfasts that is where my husband shines and it gives him such pleasure. And seeing him so happy makes me happy. :-)

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      Great story. I got a little hungry after reading your post.

    2. One of my most favorite activities is preparing a breakfast or brunch for a group of family and friends. It gives me an opportunity to assemble a variety of crepes, omelettes to order, aebleskivers with or without fillings (again to order), high and light pancakes, Belgian waffles, scones, biscuits or muffins, and so many other things (like Antelolpe tenderloin or Sage hen) that I enjoy making but don't get a chance to because I usually only cook for two people; one of whom is myself. Sometimes I'm tempted to invite people off the street to come in for breakfast just to have a group to cater to.

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      1. Love cooking breakfast for the family. I feel so "mom-like". While eggs - especially eggs in a hole - are a family favorite, I personally love making pancakes for the kids and hubby. They are always so impressed, and it's really not difficult to whip up. I can also make customized pancakes - chocolate chips, blueberries, apple and walnut - further upping the impressive factor.

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        1. I love to cook breakfast, it is my husbands favorite meal of the day. I make him a modified Ulster Fry. Fried eggs, bacon, potatoes and roasted mushrooms and tomatoes with toast. He is in heaven which is why it is so much fun to make.

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            Sounds very much like this breakfast sandwich i always get at the davis farmers market.

          2. I think breakfast is my favorite meal when it's done right. If I want a nice, real breakfast I'll usually either make scrambled eggs and bacon or pancakes... mmmmmmm.

            My grandmother on my dad's side makes the best breakfast. Homemade biscuits, grits, pork tenderloin, fresh cut fruit, homemade jam, and scrambled eggs. That's the kind of breakfast you eat and then just keep eating leftovers for all the other meals of the day.

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              Any special way you cook your scrambled eggs?