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Jan 11, 2011 05:30 PM

Loblaws Deli: Does yours print the date of slicing when you order fresh sliced?

I have been tossing out way too much Beretta deli because our Loblaws does not print the current date when I order from the counter.

I finally got fed up of writing it in myself today so I called the manager at my local Loblaws and he said he would certainly look into this.

I am stunned more people don't get food poisoning from eating way too old deli because it had no date. I personally rarely eat deli but my kids insist on turkey once a week and this really annoys me because it should be illegal to sell meat without the current date on it.

Same goes for the butcher counter items too.

What gives? Is it just my location?

I will repost next week to see if the manager at Yonge & Yonge took action.

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  1. My local Loblaws does print the date. However, that said, I can not believe this is really an issue that can't be assumed as a personal responsibility. There are an awful lot of foods that don't come with dates than can spoil -- what do you do with them?

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    1. re: Atahualpa

      Common sense would tell me to only buy "non-dated" items from a store I know has very good turn over. I also seldom buy processed food so that is hardly an issue for mea nd If did buy it, there are enough chemicals in those goods to last way longer than I'd worry about..
      Besides that, I would never buy any animal product or by-product with no expiry date.
      Conventional wisdom of buying seasonal and mainly fresh should take care of the rest "non-dated" items you are referring to.

      In my opinion, the date stamping is the responsibility of the vendor. I don't believe common sense is enough to protect most people.

      The fact that you state your Loblaws does print the date means some process is not being followed at my location.
      Here is why I feel they need to step up and date their deli packages:

      1) if there is every an illness spread by a deli clerk like hepatitis or meat producer Iike salmonella or other food borne pathogen , the date can prevent illness from spreading during a recall.
      2) If a customer has a old package somewhere forgotten in their refrigerator, and buys a new package, the confusion could lead to food poisoning. Very often people order the similar weight each time and the same items, it would be ieasy to make a mistake. It happens to us if both my spouse and I do groceries in a week. A genuine mistake could occur if my husband forgets I "lost" some turkey in the fridge last week and he finds the wrong packet.

      I am currently recovering from food poisoning from eating out on Sunday as are two other of my family members. I am extremely careful at home about date and freshness. 3 days later and my system is still a mess.
      If you've ever had extreme food poisoning, (and I don't wish that on anyone) one would be able to relate how important dating food is especially when it comes to animal products.

    2. It's that shaved and sliced stuff, curling like medieval vellum, that freaks me out. The sliced-to-order deli meats are dated. I love the way the malodorous Loblaws fish gets shuttled between counter and cooler all week--yummy!

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        I never count on the BBD when getting stuff from the Deli counter, I do the 'when in doubt,throw it out' . Firstly, the sliced meats or even the prepared salads we buy I really only buy enough for one or two mealsin the same week (easy for us since we are just two adults) No matter how well it's packaged or the BBD is days away...that stuff is super perishable. I'm still trying to train my husband to stop asking me "what do you think or will you taste this" !!! LOL!!

        1. re: Kagemusha

          I am in fact talking about the sliced to order stuff. Nothing on the label and in fact, I just checked the label, it doesn't even list the real location it was slived, it list the Brampton Head Office.
          Talk about dodgy. This is why I totally prefer to avoid meat eating. Yuk.

          1. re: Idas

            Loblaws did start dating their deli items freshly sliced.
            Kudos to the manager who followed through.
            Yonge & Yonge blvd store.

        2. The original comment has been removed