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help me plan my 3-day bday whirlwind trip.

hey, yall!

i was just in NOLA for new yrs -- hanging out with a friend who's car-less & not a foodie, so i didn't really get any earth-shattering meals in, thought what i ate actually tasted pretty delicious anyway. (we did ruby slipper for brunch, which was nice ambience, and mandina's for dinner, b/c it's right near where my friend lives.. decent po-boy but expensive for what it was. oh! we also had a meal at rum house on magazine st, which i thought was rather decent (i've had a few daydreams about the scallop taco i ate there.) we went to cafe degas on sunday before i left and as soon as we sat down realized i had to be at the airport about an hour later, so we slurped down some soup and took off (which was delicious, i might add.))

overall, though, i )(*#@$ loved the city. props, NOLA. friendly people, and wonderful bars (we went to the saint new yrs' eve, which, minus the smoke was pretty much heaven; and bacchanal the next day... thought those were both excellent places to be celebrating the beginning of 2011.

now, i'm going back in a few weeks to celebrate my bday w/a group of friends who are flying from all different parts of the country. pretty much everyone who's going is into good eating.
BUT -- i don't want to be anywhere stuffy. i want really tasty food for reasonable prices and nowhere that has a white linen/only-show-up-if-you're-dressed-up vibe. as evidenced by my preference for bars such as the saint i like grunge (however, i also really like great design -- EAT looks like a nice room, for example.) i don't eat pork and i don't like oysters, so keep that in mind. cochon is a must b/c one of the girls who's going has already mandated it. everyone is in their 30s and i have NOTHING whatsoever against babies or senior citizens, but to some extent, i would like places with young-ish ambience. at least for some of the meals.

so this is my idea for now:

thurs night (i get in late w/another friend -- everyone else arrives fri): clover club? any other late-nite eating options? yuki perhaps?

*or* is there anywhere between houston and NOLA we should stop on the way?

fri: most people won't be getting in til dinnertime. i don't do breakfast - can't be bothered to wake up for it while on vacation (or really, mostly anytime).
lunch elizabeth's? or EAT? or ... (fill in the blank, dear chowhounders)

fri: dinner (w/group -- eek, is 9 people having dinner just going to be a big disaster no matter where we go?) cochon? boucherie? jacques-imos?

sat brunch: stanley?

sat dinner: green goddess (i checked out the menu/website and it looks incredibly interesting to me -- i think this is my ideal kinda restaurant -- chefs who are passionate about food and a funky ambience)

sun brunch: cake cafe?
commander's palace? (the jazz brunch looks interesting but i hate eggs and i don't want to make everyone drop 40 bucks -- any other memorable, delicious and interesting brunch spots in NOLA?)
cafe amelie?

i'm scheduled to leave sunday before dinner, but trying to talk my friend into staying through monday.

please let me know what you think of my plans. thanks, NOLA chowhounders!

edited to say: btw, i also love sweets. i know about sucre and plan to go, but is there anywhere else i should go during the weekend for some birthday treats?

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  1. I am just a "visitor" to NO but I visit quite often. I still have family all over southern Louisiana and make the I-10 trip frequently. Here are some of my frequent places to stop from west to east:

    Al-T's in Winnie, Tx. - love love love their frog legs. Great dirty rice, boudin and many other items. http://www.al-ts.com/ Forget their buffet lunch and order some fried seafood there.

    Rao's Bakery in Beaumont on Calder - a hop skip and jump off I-10. Delicious breakfast pastries, gourmet coffees, etc. http://www.raosbakery.com/

    Not feeling pastries and want the most mouth watering donuts this side of the Mississippi? Nelson Donuts in Lake Charles, 813 East McNeese.

    Frey's Crawfish House in Jennings, La. I've eaten there twice and loved it much more than the restaurants in Breaux Bridge (Mulate's and Cafe Des Amis) which were ok but nothing to write home about.

    In NO, my favorite dish is the bbq shrimp at Mr. B's. If you went at lunch, you could probably get by with almost any attire. Just a few weeks ago we saw some guys come in dressed in FRC's. We thought maybe they were there to work on the plumbing or something but they were seated, in the back though. I'd eat standing on my head for those bbq shrimp.

    Boucherie still has the best meal for the price with some great boudin balls. Get a reservation, they were packed on a Wednesday night (or maybe it was Thursday night) when we went.

    I hate eggs too but I'm sure Commander's could accommodate you. I've had brunch there but it was a couple of years ago and don't remember what I had. When in doubt, give them a ring and ask them.

    I also remember a long long thread about every eating place between Houston and New Orleans. I think it was started by Hungry Celeste. I'll see if I can find it and provide a link.

    8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

      1. Here's some joints to stop on the way to NOLA from Houston.

        Get off I 10 @ Exit 64 in Jennings, LA and go S on Highway 26 to Frey's Crawfish House for good cajun food for lunch or dinner. They only serve dinner on T/F/S. Be sure to check their hours.

        Frey's Crawfish House @ 919A North Lake Arthur Ave., Jennings, LA 337 - 246 - 5023.

        Get off I 10 at Exit 82 and go N to Hawk's for fresh crawfish.

        Hawk's Crawfish @ 415 Hawks Road, Rayne, LA 337 - 788 - 3266.

        Get off I 10 at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA then go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go less than a mile to Creole Cafe for good country breakfast or plate lunch.

        Creole Cafe @ 1227 N. University Ave., Lafayette, LA 337 - 266 - 4648.

        Or get off I 10 at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA and go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go S on University and it becomes W University. Take a right on Johsnton St. and go three blocks and take a right on W St. Mary Blvd.then go one block where you will find Old Thyme Grocery for good road food and the best po boys in LA.

        Old Tyme Grocery @ 218 West Saint Mary Blvd., Lafayette, LA 337 - 235 - 8165.

        Or get off I 10 in Lafayette, LA at Exit 101 and go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go S on University and it becomes W University then it becomes E University. Go to Pinhook and take a right then go about 6 blocks to Blue Dog Cafe for great road food.

        Blue Dog Cafe @ 1211 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 337 - 237 - 0005.

        Get off I 10 at Exit 109 in Breaux Bridge and go S on Rees Street or Highway 328 and go to Le Cafe for outstanding Po Boys. Or get Off I 10 at Exit 109 and go N on Highway 328 which is Anse Broussard Highway also to Poche Bridge Road. Go N to Main Highway and Poche Market and Restaurant for good Cajun cuisine for lunch. This is a buffet so you might really like it if you are in a hurry.

        Le Cafe @ 124 Rees St., Breaux Bridge, LA 337 - 332 - 2500.

        Poche's Market and Restaurant @ 3015 Main Hwy., Breaux Bridge, LA. 337 - 332 - 2108.

        Get off I 10 at Exit 115 in Henderson, LA and go E on Highway 352 to Henderson Levee Road to Pat's Fisherman's Wharf for good cajun food. Go to Whiskey River Landing for good music and cold drinks.

        Pat's Fisherman's Wharf @ 1008 Henderson Levee Rd., Henderson, LA 337 - 228 - 7512.
        Whiskey River Landing @ 1365 Henderson Levee Road, Breaux Bridge, LA 337 - 228 - 2277.

        Get off I 10 at Exit 157A in Baton Rouge, LA to Perkins Road and take a right to Parrain's for outstanding fresh seafood for lunch or dinner. Or get off I 10 at Exit 157A in Baton Rouge, La to Perkins Road. Take a left and Acme Oyster House is on your left open for lunch or dinner serving outstanding fresh seafood.

        Parrain's Seafood Restaurant @ 3225 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 225 - 381 - 9922.
        Acme Oyster House @ 3535 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 225 - 906 - 2372.

        I think I would stop at Henderson and go to Pat's.

        Acme Oyster House
        1202 N Highway 190, Covington, LA 70433

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        1. re: Littleman

          I didn't know they had an Acme in BR. I've been to Parrain's wasn't that impressed. I'd just drive another hour to get to Drago's in Metairie :-)

          1. re: texasredtop

            Acme in B.R. is a defenite Must-Not-Stop. I've tried to give it as many chances as I can when in the area (same for Parrain's which always leaves me wishing I'd gone elsewhere but I like the folks there.) Acme is nothing but hard surfaces and noise, noise, noise. It is passable if you never had the real deal. Found out recently that "corporate" has switched their sausage to some generic cryd shipped in...there is plenty of better sausage lying around in gas stations. But the Bean Counters are in charge now. I see what they are trying to do and I admit it improves over packed triangles of sandwiches at the Texaco but it leaves me cold in the end.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              I'm with you on Parrain's. Didn't impress me at all. I'm not a fan of Acme in the Quarter either. It's okay, just so much better around. Last month was the first time we've walked by there and there weren't 40 people waiting in line to get in. I don't see the fuss over Acme and prefer Casamento's for my fried oysters.

              Casamento's Restaurant
              4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

              1. re: texasredtop

                If you guys aren't recommending Acme, where would be the best place in town for down-home, cheap, tasty fare including po-boys and oysters and fried seafood, etc?

                1. re: reina_de_fideo

                  Lots of people seem to love Acme. I just didn't. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great to me. I love Casamento's oysters. Thinking about it, I rarely order fried seafood while I'm in NO unless I make it to Casamento's. For poboys, I go to Parkway. My husband loved Crabby Jack's. I liked it pretty well. It wasn't so much the food I didn't like but other things like how freezing cold it was inside and the smell inside. But the shrimp remoulade and fried green tomato poboy was very good.

                  Crabby Jacks
                  428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

                  Casamento's Restaurant
                  4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

                  1. re: reina_de_fideo

                    It crossed my mind that Bozo's had good fried seafood. I haven't been there since before K but it was good when we used to go. It's in Metairie close to the mall.

                    1. re: reina_de_fideo

                      Down home cheap tasty fare: Nola Grocery and Parkway come to mind. They have fried oysters but not raw.

            2. Where are you staying. If you are staying in the FQ you should go to Mr. B's for lunch or Galatoire's. Let us know where you are staying. You can find great food near your hotel.

              Galatoire's Restaurant
              209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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              1. re: Littleman

                Thanks for the info.

                I'm staying in the CBD on Camp Street. I definitely want to go to Boucherie though I know it's not walking distance from the hotel. Nor are Elizabeth's or Cake Cafe, but I'm wondering if it's worth the trek (and schlepping my rather large group) to Bywater for the food/ambience at these places. Natives' opinions?

                My friend I'll be driving with from Houston (I'm coming from Austin) wants to go to Acme in NOLA. I don't know why she prefers there to stopping on the way but she didn't seem enthusiastic when I suggested doing that in Baton Rouge since I don't want to 'waste' a meal in NOLA on it (i love poboys but there are so many places I want to check out that seem more NOLA-unique, I kinda would rather 'use' that meal in the on-the-way stop. I don't know if we'll be there in time, anyway, as we'll be leaving Houston at around 5 or 6. (which is why I asked about late night places in NOLA -- now I see Camellia being recommended a lot as a late-night place and that sounds tasty.)

                Speaking of Mr. B's, what is the big thing w/BBQ shrimp? I tried "BBQ" shrimp at a Cajun-ish place in Austin and I didn't really taste much. If someone tells me why they're raving about 'em, maybe I'll give them a second chance.

                8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                1. re: reina_de_fideo

                  BBQ shrimp is something you'll have to try at the places that make it great, not just anywhere. I've had it several places that I wasn't impressed, Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge, Parrains in BR, and several other places. Wouldn't consider getting their version again.

                  Forget what you know about bbq, it's not that. It's shrimp baked in a rich sauce of butter, pepper and spices. I got hooked on bbq shrimp about 12 or so years ago at Pascal's Manale. Their version is still very delicious to me but after K, they just seemed kind of hit and miss with it. So I checked around and with a lot of people telling me they liked Mr. B's version better, I tried them. Oh yeah, they ARE better. I still love them both but every year when I have my first taste of Mr. B's version, I wish I'd booked two or more meals at Mr. B's to have them several times. The sauce is a little spicy, it's rich, it's just heaven to me. They could leave the shrimp out and I wouldn't even care and I love shrimp. I will book at least two meals at Mr. B's next trip and two meals at Drago's in Metairie after discovering those delicious charbroiled oysters a month ago.

                  What cajun place in Austin? The only one that comes to mind is Razzo's or something like that.

                  1. re: texasredtop

                    We ate at Mr. B's 3 times in one week beause we couldn't believe the BBQ shrimp. We'd had it at a couple of bad places before too but you just can't compare. Don't miss it, for real. (Also, they generously give the recipe out on their website and if you follow it you can have something pretty damn close at home... But you need a looooot of butter...)

              2. Boucherie could get tight for a table for nine. call and see if they can fit you in the side room.

                8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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                1. re: edible complex

                  EC(LOVE your name), i have a reservation already at Boucherie (eek, the group might grow to 10!) i will ask them how they plan to accomodate us.

                  Texasredtop, the place wasn't really Cajun -- it was called Shuck Shack and it no longer exists, but it was on Chavez at Chicon in a cute house and they specialized in seafood -- oysters, etc --and had poboys. Before Shuck Shack, it was my favorite little cafe in the world, Azul -- lovely menu, lovely decor, total hipster ambience (could get annoying but the great food and decor made up for it.) I once threw myself a bday party there and for $100 i fed my group of friends and that included tip and wine!!! Ah, I miss Azul.

                  8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                  1. re: reina_de_fideo

                    Well we had lunch at Razoo's once (or whatever it's called) and it was just normal dishes with lots of red pepper. Ha! Reminded me of so many other faux cajun places in Texas.

                2. Boucherie makes Green Goddess look like a stadium. They do have a small room upstairs not sure if ten would fit though. I would do Cochon on friday its exactly the restaurant you have described. Why not just go to Emeril's Sat. night. They can handle a crowd and its not stuffy. With a big group its hard to be different. Or you take your pick from a cavalcade of bistro's Uptown, Coquette, Patois, Lillette, Martinique to name just a few. Call and see what they can do. Coquette has seating upstairs and I have heard Patois has a room upstairs as well.

                  930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

                  Emeril's Restaurant
                  800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

                  Green Goddess
                  307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

                  8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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                  1. re: CharlieH

                    I think that should be the other way around - Green Goddess makes Boucherie look like a stadium.

                    1. re: uptownlibrarian

                      Yes, the other way around. Something must be wrong with the coffee around here.

                  2. Believe me, you can have; a to die for brunch at Commander without ever eating an egg! You will not be disappointed, from the starters to dessert. If you want to go to Acme, that would be a great place to go with a group, or alone. Their chargrilled oysters, 10 napkin roast beef poboy, and peace maker poboy are wonderful.
                    I think you would have a great time at Nola's. Full of 30ish year olds, fun bar scene and great food.
                    I had dinner at K-Pauls two weeks ago. I had never been in all the years of visiting New Orleans. The food was great. He started the blackened fish revolution....and he does it right! the staff is very friendly, Try to go to Cafe Dumonde...for the experience. A really cool bar is Lafitt's Blacksmith Shop Bar...it is too cool!!! It was built in 1722, said to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the US. Also, The Court of Two Sisters has a very good brunch! Have fun!!! (There is NO way you won't!)

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                    1. re: HOTTYTODDY

                      I agree with all of this except for Court of Two Sisters (it's FTO - for tourists only) and NOLA (only because I haven't been). Commander's is one of the greatest places ever for its combination of ambience, food and service. I know you said no stuffy places and they are the opposite of stuffy, even if it pays to dress up. In other cities the notion of a place being dressy and yet still loose and fun seems a paradox. But it just fits in New Orleans.

                      1. re: kukubura

                        OK. So do you guys think this is a sound schedule so far?

                        Thurs night -- either Camellia Grill or Yuki for late-night dinner & drinks
                        Fri - lunch @ acme or stanley or jacques-imos
                        Fri - dinner @ Boucherie (have res)
                        Sat lunch @ cochon
                        Sat dinner @ Green Goddess (emailed chef to see if they can accomodate a lg group)
                        Sun brunch @ cake cafe or elizabeth's or EAT (i've heard elizabeth's is skippable, is this y'all's opinion?) OR if group is up for something more festive and expensive, then Commander's Palace

                        would also love recs on places to drink.
                        i have so far:
                        carousel lounge
                        Loa (i'm staying at the hotel where this is, so it should be rather convenient)
                        Uncommon bar

                        (for music)
                        Pres Hall for jazz
                        3 muses
                        spotted cat

                        AND, if i can drag the group to the saint, i will... but I know this is unlikely.

                        am i missing anything important? if there is anything above that is not worth checking out, pls help me narrow it down! the group very much wants to check out jazz. and i hate to sound cheesy, but the more authentic the better (i.e. is there a venue that most tourists just don't hear about that's especially awesome?)

                        Camellia Grill
                        626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

                        Commander's Palace Restaurant
                        1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

                        Green Goddess
                        307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

                        8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                        820 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116

                        1. re: reina_de_fideo

                          Your doing great, and i think both Boucherie and Green Goddess are perfect for what you are looking for...I think i know what yer after, and so far so good. Two recommendations:

                          Definitely consider Cake Cafe. They have a shrimp & grits that's apparently swoon-worthy (i'm a veg myself, but i pay attention to what people like, because i'm from here and food is, well....important). Their goat cheese/pear danish is also amazing. It isn't cheap, but you'll probably get out for less than Commanders, no booze though, I don't think. One advantage to EAT is that (it was anyway) it's BYOB, and there are ample locations to buy your spirits nearby. Elizabeth's didn't bowl me over, but it wasn't at all bad, and the vibe was good. (ran into a pile of drunken friends brunching upstairs the other week) Unfortunately, it too can add up fast.

                          The other is your friday lunch. You may want to add Parkway Poyboy's to that list. (I used to recommend Liuzza's by the Track, but I fear there has been some slippage). I don't think you'll necc go wrong with the others (although Jaques Imo's has seriously underwhelmed me the times I've been over the last few years, but the atmosphere is great. and I'm not sure if they do lunch or not, you might check) but getting sloppy with a poyboy is always recommendable as it's historically what we do for lunch.

                          Oh, and if you are in the Quarter, and feeling peckish, do try and mosey up to the bar at Mr. B's for a half order of those BBQ shrimp. They're legendary. Now, personally Mr. B's doesn't rank high for ambience, but sometimes you can be most pleasantly surprised by the encounters. Good food and strong drinks makes democrats of us all.

                          One last note, on sweets, you're coming in during our Carnival Season, so make sure to try some king cake (cake cafe has great king cake) Also, you might just luck into Krewe de Vieux, or another early carnival happening, depending on when you get here. Absolutely not to be missed, you'll see first hand how New Orleans likes to party.

                          As for bars, you are definitely swerving to the higher rent places, which i personally enjoy every now and again, but if you want to add a dash more neighborhood/dive to the repretoire: after Bucherie stop in for a drink at Snake & Jakes, it's truly one of a kind. Music/bars up thattaways include Carrolton Station & the Maple Leaf. There are a few "craft cocktail" bars uptown, but again, faaaancy, and my hunch is you are wise to stay mainly downtown. After Green Goddess, if you find yourself in the Lower Marigny/Bywater you can add Mimi's/Lost Love Lounge/Marky's and the Allways (depending on if it has an interesting show on) as fun and local. Your Frenchman list is good. 3 muses also has small plates and great drinks. And for a slightly bigger music venue, One Eyed Jacks, depending on the show, is smack dab in the middle of the Quarter but definitely a 30ish local scene. (that goes for all the downtown bars listed)

                          There is, of course, so much more, but a weekend is a short slice of time. So just roll with it and have a dang Happy Birthday; I'm sure you'll find yourself an unforgettable trip.

                          Liuzza's Restaurant & Bar
                          3636 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70119

                          Green Goddess
                          307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

                          One Eyed Jacks
                          615 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                          8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                          1. re: swampsue

                            zomg, thank you to everyone for your help/recommendations! i think i'm gonna have the best bday ever.

                            swampsue, i have been to krewe de vieux, about 10 yrs back... my college roomie was living in NOLA and i visited her during it so we got to check it out. amazing! i looked it up on their website and it looks like it's not going down til feb 11. oh well.

                            i also checked out mimi's bar when i was in town for nye. i didn't like the smokiness. i guess that'll be a problem w/a lot of bars in town.
                            your other recs were very interesting. i look fwd to checking them out.

                            i'll report back afterwards.

                            1. re: reina_de_fideo

                              ufff -- cochon is closed for lunch on the weekend!!! i know some people are adamant about going, but if we go fri night (the only time they have a res available at a decent hour for our size group) that means giving up boucherie!!! is cochon butcher worth it? should we just go there instead and i'll save cochon for another trip? would you say boucherie over cochon or vice versa (and is it worth considering ditching green goddess for cochon?)

                              1. re: reina_de_fideo

                                Cochon is better than Boucherie. The latter is a great value for dinner, the food is good, it can be seen as however as glorified bbq, which is the chef's background. To me, that is a good thing. One the other hand Cochon is by some standards one of the best restaurants in the City. It is entirely unique. Some don't get it though. For others it takes a few trips. Admittedly, I fall in the later. There has been much written about the restaurant, Frank Bruni called it the Momofuko on the Mississippi. Whatever suits you.

                                930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

                                8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                                1. re: CharlieH

                                  Don't confuse Couchon and Couchon Butcher. The former is a restaurant with a lot of fans while the latter is a deli with bistro tables. The source of the pork charcuterie may be the same but the menu and atmosphere differ.

                                2. re: reina_de_fideo

                                  I prefer Boucherie by far but if I were you, I'd look at the menus at both places and decide. I've only been to Cochon once but I've been to Boucherie serveral times. Boucherie is open for lunch, or at least it used to be.

                                  930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

                                  8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                                  1. re: texasredtop

                                    thanks again to everyone who helped me plan this amazing trip.
                                    my friends i went with were all foodies and SUPER excited about all the eating that we did.
                                    we ended up going to:

                                    -camellia grill thurs night for a late night burger (fun, we went to the location that wasn't in the quarter, and it definitely felt authentically new orleans-y

                                    -vaughn's thurs night for some kermit ruffins action, wonderful (if a bit smoky)

                                    -cake cafe on fri for lunch... absolutely delicious and so fresh -- the crab and shrimp bisque was drool-worthy, and excellent bread

                                    -cafe du monde, of course, for a beignet & cafe au lait that afternoon for a snack. bummed i didn't get to try the other beignet place but next time.

                                    -cochon for dinner (insanely good food -- the rabbit & dumplings were spectacular, and i loved the spicy fried alligator, amazing desserts...although we had an odd waiter)

                                    -spotted cat for jazz, pretty entertaining

                                    -yuki for a few minutes of dancing off dinner

                                    -loa for a late-night cocktail, could have lived w/o it but it was too convenient since we stayed at international house

                                    -boucherie for lunch the next day -- wonderful! wonderful! zomg! everything there was incredibly tasty. the brisket... mouthwatering.. .the pimm's cup, outrageous! the service, terrific.... overall, this was probably my favorite and i loved the location, great neighborhood to wander around in

                                    -we were too full to eat much after that that day, but very late that eve, after three muses, and a random house party some of us stumbled into, we made it to verti marte (it was the day they reopened after a fire) and got some excellent poboys that took FOREVER but were quite delicious

                                    -acme oyster house -- i historically don't like oysters and i tried and actually loved the char-grilled ones

                                    -mr. b's for BBQ shrimp. i could have just laid down and died happy (i stole that phrase from a NOLA waitress from my first trip down there years ago) after i ate these. thanks for insisting, guys. my friends wanted to bail on me b/c they were satisfied from the oyster fix but i was so glad i stood my ground and we ended up going. these were a highlight of the trip.

                                    that's about all our stomachs could fit. i'm sad to say i didn't make it to green goddess & a few other places i'd hope to check out, but there was basically nothing i put into my mouth this past weekend that wasn't absolutely fantastic. i heart NOLA. now it's back to tacos in TX :)

                                      1. re: reina_de_fideo

                                        If I don't get my Mista B's bbq shrimp while I'm there, there's gonna be some sad singin' and slow walkin' :-)