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Jan 11, 2011 04:49 PM

So . . . what is the H Mart up to these days?

Sorry to be redundant, but I'm planning to visit H Mart within the next day or so, and the CH threads on this topic are a bit old, and things change. I'd like a status update. Yelpers just wants me to know that there is a lot of stuff, and that old Asian ladies are going to cart-bump me and cut in line.

I am most curious about the selection of fish. I'll do the sniff test, but will I still be okay if I have a cold? Is there a way to determine sustainability among the offerings (yeah, even I laughed at that, because if they have canned unagi, I'm buying).

Also, the fresh tofu? I've heard it's worth having, but welcome second opinions.

If you have any favorites, or products that you've tried that were a disappointment, I would like to hear about them.


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  1. Which H Mart? There is more than one. I was just at the Naperville store in December, and as always was impressed with the seafood department. That day they didn't have a few things I was looking for, but they had easy substitutions. For the live fish, the tanks were clean, which to me is a huge plus sign. ;)

    I only go a few times a year, but I've never been disappointed.

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      Sorry, I was referring to the one in Niles. I've read some reviews that gave it very good marks, while others claimed that the smell of the fish was suspiciously pungent. I didn't want to waste our time if it was the latter case. But your report of the Naperville location is encouraging. Thanks, tzurriz.

      1. re: onceadaylily

        IMO (and my wifes) the tofu that is made fresh is excellent. So is the soy bean milk. The fish is typically very fresh (look at the eyes and gills as well as sniff testing)., The selection is pretty good. The pickled stuff is interesting (I'm not Korean). I love going on the weekends and tasting the various items. The sashimi is ok. Most of the time just tuna, salmon, and fluke fresh. Once in a while I have found yellowtail. Their meats are a good value. We get some of their ribeye steaks and slice meats for hotpots.
        They are known for their cheap veggies. People from Chinatown come up to the Niles store to shop in bulk. The Korean specialties are usually fair to high priced. Supply and demand I guess.

        It's worth a visit, especially on a Saturday. Go have lunch at their food court (small),.
        Hope this helps

        1. re: citywayne

          That does help, thank you. Besides the fish, the tofu and kimchee were of particular interest. And the boyfriend isn't supposed to have dairy, so fresh soy bean milk (the thought of which hadn't even entered my head) would be something we would both like. I'm hopeful that they will have better-than-average selection for oils, sauces, and vinegars that are a bit harder to find in my area.

          Thanks, citywayne.