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Jan 11, 2011 04:40 PM

Restaurant tour

I am gerrman and my parents will come for a visite. I don t know the city so, where should I go? They see Toronto and they expect everthing big and nice... HELP

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  1. What kind of food will you all be looking for? Are they coming soon or in summer (patio weather time)?
    I won't be able to help much with Toronto, however I know people in Toronto may ask for more details so I'll get it started.

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    1. re: fryerlover

      They will come in the summer, so we wanna go to the beach downdown, I heared about some german restaurant. They are realy open, just not a fan of thai food. So I wanna show them around. Oh thought about Sultan tent, the food is not the best, but they have some shows, is what i heared.

    2. Don't panic! I'm sure people on this board can help with suggestions, but we need some more information, for example...

      - Are you looking for restaurants downtown Toronto or in the suburbs? Do you have a car?
      - How much money are you looking to spend?
      - Are your parents foodies who like expensive high-end restaurants or will they be impressed with something more touristy like the 360 with a view from the top of the CN Tower?
      - How old are your parents, approximately? If they are elderly they might not feel comfortable in a trendy place filled with 20-something hipsters.
      - Do they like so-called "ethnic" foods like Indian, Thai, authentic Chinese, Middle Eastern, etc., or will they be more comfortable with more European meat, potatoes and pasta kinds of places?
      - By "everything big" do you mean the size of the restaurants or the size of the food portions?

      With those kinds of details people could help point you in the right direction.

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      1. re: Gary

        Well I know no ethnic food. I think they don t like all this spices.

        With big I mean the dish, it should be more then 30g of meat and 3ml of souce. haha. So no high class.

        They are around 45 and 50 years, but we will go out with 2 smal kids, 4 and 2years old.So they have to be kids friendly.

        Oh I never thought about the CN tower for dinner, I should check it out before they come. But is the food goor, just for a coffee?

        I thought also about a dinner with big burgers, like the american style on food network on tv. They have this american burgers in their mind.

        I just don t want them to order the same food when we go out. I like the mandarin. You have so much seafood and they have good prices.

        Oh we have a car, but I don t use to drive it downtown. Haha
        I like realy close to downtown, so it is easy to go bt streetcar. It is also fun....I hope it will be.

        1. re: suleaman

          The consensus with the CN Tower restaurant (called 360) is that the food is okay but not particularly exciting. You pay a bit more for the excellent view, but so long as you order a full meal the price of the ticket up to the restaurant the viewing deck are included, which is a very good deal. It is touristy but a great view of Toronto and the kids would probably also enjoy it, so it is worth considering.

          If it's burgers they want, they are coming to Toronto at the right time since there are many, many new burger restaurants opening. One new one that is quite large and impressive is m:brgr at 401 King Street West ( They have a wide variety of unusual hamburgers of many sizes and types, including one for $100 with foie gras (though most are much cheaper than that!) It is a reasonable streetcar ride west from the Yonge and King subway station.

          For discussion of lots of other burger places you might want to check the newer comments in this other discussion:

          Thinking of suitability for kids and your fondness for buffets, you might want to also consider the Marche restaurant in Brookfield Place near Union Station downtown. It is new renovated and very large and has a wide variety of foods served from different serving stations. However the food is "European" in style, which might or might not impress your parents since they are from Germany!

          Another option for something different (but not too exotic) would be Harlem (at Church St and Richmond St) or Harlem Underground (at Queen St. West near Bathurst St.) which both have the same owners. The food there is in the style of the southern United States with large and filling portions of things like fried chicken, BBQ ribs, pork hocks, macaroni and cheese, waffles, and similar.

          1. re: Gary

            I'd scratch M:Brgr - I went yesterday and the burgers aren't diner-style big (well, maybe they'd look bigger if you piled a million toppings on). For burgers, I think they would be better off going to pretty much any pub, then you'd get a large burger and heaping pile of fries :) Maybe Allen's on Danforth? I've never been, but there's a lot written on the boards here about the burger.

            Maybe the Keg Mansion (steakhouse) would be interesting for them? And actually, I haven't been for years, but I think that the Keg must also serve up a decent, hefty, burger.

            Keg Mansion
            515 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M4Y2H7, CA

            1. re: ggom1

              How about the pickle barrel?

              Do they enjoy japanese? Sushi or sashimi?

              Hot pot, vietnamese pho or korean BBQ? It's interactive and always enjoyable.

              Buster Rhino (two locations in whitby and oshawa) are renounced for ribs, it is the closest to the famous BBQ ribs you'd find in the USA.

              1. re: ggom1

                allen's burger is on the smaller side when it come to visuals, i'd say it's a thicker patty than burger's priest but approx the same diameter. the biggest burgers i've seen are probably dangerous dan's. i can't stand the atmosphere though. it feels as though dirt has been sinking into those car seats for 30 yrs.

                i haven't eaten there in a really long time, at one point the food used to be good!, but mill street brew pub might be a good stop. the portions were gigantic as per conglomo-pub type places and it might be fun for them to try our local beers while getting in some sights at the distillery district.

                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  Mill Street is a decent suggestion, I didn't think of that.

                  I actually thought of Dangerous Dan's for big burgers and a true "American" diner experience but then I thought that it might scar them on Canada for the rest of their lives! Would be funny, though.

                  1. re: Gary

                    We have friends visiting from Germany every Summer.
                    They were most impressed with the Peking Duck presentation at
                    Both at O-Mei and Emperor.
                    Chinese Restaurants are very kid friendly.
                    I would leave the Pork Hocks for Germany.

              2. re: Gary

                I think about different restaurants, not just Burger.
                So I will google them and try one this weekend. Thanks for all comments