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hors d'oeuvre and more

First of all am I being completely bitchy because I have been invited to a surprise Birthday Party where the Hostess has asked me to bring food (an appetizer for 30 - 40), whatever I am drinking, (and of course a gift for the B.D. girl- the latter of course I am delighted to bring)?

I certainly would have contributed to the party but since when do you throw a party where you do nothing except enjoy the leftovers? Oh, and maybe clean the bathroom.

I know I am also probably Passive Agressive otherwise why am I not dealing with this upfront?

However, can you tell me about your very favourite Kick Ass Finger Savoury. If I am going to be angry, I want to dazzle them.

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  1. How crass!! I guess I take a different view. I'd probably take a plate filled with cocktail franks speared with toothpicks and a mustard/horseradish dip. I'd hate to leave an event like that with the thought that someone was "enjoying" the leftovers. Call me vindictive - I can deal with it.

    1. Well, if you really want to be passive aggressive- bring something messy and gooey in a crock pot that requires plates and silverware to eat...they won't just have to clean the bathroom.

      Honestly, I wouldn't put that much effort into bringing an app for 30 to 40 people. That is alot of cooking only to have it be cold and "travel weary" before the party starts. What a pain. I really do like the crock pot for this type of party though (not just because of revenge). Pot stickers, meat balls, fondue, etc. You will be popular!

      Would it have felt better if they would have called it a "potluck party"?

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        You are giving me some baaad ideas.


        Maybe "potluck" would have been better - I probably would not feel manipulated although I am not a fan of potluck except for spur of the moment with close friends.

        I have a similar reaction to a lot of weddings these days too, but I won't get started on that.

      2. Hi folks,

        In order to keep the thread up and running for the OP, please keep replies recipe oriented. Thank you :)

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          Chowhound Team-

          Have I overstepped a boundary line?

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            Heck, no.

            Rather than go to Hooter's and get wings for 40 to go, how about several antipasto trays?

        2. Go super easy...fill some phyllo cups with chicken salad. Simple, tasty, and they'll get eaten.

          Or some kielbasa in a crockpot. I do a ketchup, brown sugar, spicy mustard, vinegar mix....others like the grape jelly one.

          1. Here is an easy "wow" hors d'oevre. Get a large kilo (2.2 lb) wheel of Brie (Sam's or Costco is ideal for this). Defrost some frozen puff pastry. Cut off the top rind of the brie, spread with some good apricot jam. Wrap the wheel in the puff pastry. Bake in a PREHEATED (very important) oven at 450 for 20-min till pastry is golden. You can do this at home, as the cheese needs to sit for 30 min before serving or it will be too gooey. Serve at warm or room temp with slice of crisp apples or fancy crackers. If you are really artistic, you can make flowers or leaves from puff pastry and attach to the top. Looks very impressive, feeds a LOT of people, as very rich and only need small slice.

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              +1 or with cranberry sauce or chutney (google). Easy, delicious and impressive. I don't blame you for feeling cranky!

            2. My close friends and I have parties like this all the time. We'd never be able to afford to see each other so often otherwise. The only thing is there isn't an expectation that you have to bring enough for everyone. if everyone brings something for half the group, there's always too much food.

              1. I think this is absolutely disgusting, but my wife makes it after asking me to make something for one of her parties and I decline because I don't want to cook for her friends.

                Pickles wrapped in ham with crean cheese held together with toothpicks.

                People seem to go insane for them. I don't know why, I think it is foul. I'm not most people though.

                Easy, cheap, no stress.

                1. I love this. This is a winner for many reasons, but most of all, they'll be the hit of the party yet you'll spend almost no time making them.


                    1. Really simple since you're not into it at all--take hot dogs (or sausages or whatever little franks), cut into 1/3s, wrap w/ bacon, skewer, sprinkle a/ brown sugar, bake. They're easy to do and disappear quickly.

                      I don't think it's such a bad thing having a potluck type party and it's a lot of work as a host/hostess cleaning up the house, getting it set up, inviting people and getting a head count (this is the biggest pain) and cleaning up afterward which is always exhausting. It's not just cleaning a bathroom and enjoying leftovers, especially with that many people.