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Jan 11, 2011 03:40 PM

Restaurant between Phillie airport and Harrisburg

Hi! We're picking up a passenger at the Phillie airport on Thursday about 5:00 p.m. and heading to Harrisburg. Any suggestions for a good place to eat? Our friend is traveling from eastern Europe and won't have eaten anything but airport/airline food from about 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning until she's with us. Nothing fancy because we won't be dressed for it and I'd like to spend no more than $25 per person on the entrees. Thanks!

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  1. Well you have all of Philadelphia available too you... if you are willing to go north out of your way. My reluctance is because of the snow storm parking will not be easy, but it would be easy to go to Chinatown and eat at a place like Vietname or Vietnam Palace. There are parking lots there that can easily accomodate you.

    If instead you went north on the Blue Route, to connect into the Turnpike, you could consider the King of Prussia area. Its mostly chains around there, but some people like a new restaurant to that area called Season's 52. Its in the King of Prussia Mall , and would be easy to get to coming off of the Blue Route. It specializes in seasonal menus and also has a special low calorie menu that lots of people like. You also have the mega italian chain right there Maggianos. It is passable and within your budget.

    If you are interested in Indian food, there are quite a few in the King of Prussia Area as well. Three that are good and close to the turnpike include Chinaar, Desi Village and Taste of India.

    If you went further and wanted to get off at the Exton Exit of the Turnpike, you could consider Han Dynasty, a Sichuan cuisine restaurant. The authentic dishes pack a bit of heat, but they are quite good. You also have Victory Brewpub about 10 minutes from the Turnpike Exit there. Good beer, and decent pub food. I am sure others can chime in as well for the Exton area.

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      Thanks! You gave me quite a few choices. We don't mind going into the city a bit, too, if there are any more suggestions. My hubby isn't too big on Chinese or Indian food. I should have mentioned that earlier...sorry!

    2. Modo Mio is an excellent inexpensive Italian BYOB that is a few blocks off 95 North at Girard and a mile or two north of CC. The whole meal is only $ 33 for 4 courses and l find super.

      1. I'd head to South Philly Tap Room, 15th and Mifflin. Gastropub with great entrees and beers, not too far from the airport. It's street parking, but I've never had a problem, especially if you just grab a spot on Broad.

        Tap Room
        201 Bohemia Ave, Chesapeake City, MD 21915

        1. It's also easy to get off 76 at University City and Distrito on 40th and Chestnut is a fun, upscale but not so expensive fun Mexican place. I've never had a problem parking there and storm was not so bad, so snow may not even be a issue.

          1. How about Nick's Roastbeef at 20th and Jackson? It's just off 76 in South Philly, killer sandwiches, no dressing up required, and you can be in and out in less than 30 minutes.