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Jan 11, 2011 01:59 PM

Any comments on KitchenAid refrigerators and Bosch ranges (or other 30" gas range suggestions)?


After researching quite a while, the only Side-by-Side stainless refrigerator I can find without an ice and water dispenser is the KitchenAid Architect II KSRS25MWMS. Does anyone have any experience with this model or with KitchenAid fridges in general? It seems like most negative reviews for any type of fridge seem to deal with ice/water issues, so I'm thinking I'm pretty safe with this fridge. Still, it's $1200, so I'd like to know all I can before purchasing.

We're also looking at new ranges. We need a 30" gas model with sealed burners and convection. 5 burners would be great, but we can work fine with four. So far, the Bosch Evolution 500 Series : HGS5053UC seems to have everything I want and at $1200, is way less than a lot of models with similar features, but I'd love further input, and any first-hand knowledge of this range in particular, would be very helpful.

Thank you, most honorable Chowhounds, and happy new year.

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  1. I've have a sxs KA no water through the door, for 3 years and it has been pretty good. The only thing wrong with it is that the doors have 2 different depths of the gasket on the door so one side sticks out almost 1/4 inch more than the other. They replaced the gaskets and some way damaged the doors so they had to be replaced and still they were uneven. The tech just thought they are manufactured that way. I had so many problems with other appliances, I just lived with that. Mine is 48 inches wide, because I had more space side to side and the old frige stuck our in the doorway and no way to move the wall back. You really get gigged on that size of frig and you would think they could at least make the doors even. Other than that, I like the layout and it has a consistent temp.

    1. Hi, ninrn.

      We have an almost-4-year-old KitchenAid with the French doors on top and the freezer on the bottom...with stainless steel doors. It maintains an even temperature throughout and seems to hold the food well. The cold water dispenses inside; it is not on the door.

      We have had no problems to date. It did take us awhile to adjust to the shelf configuration as there does not seem to be a lot of tall shelf space without sacrificing the space on other shelves. The doors do hold tall bottles, but I always seem to want more tall space. However, I do like the drawers and they seem to hold the preset temperatures better than our past refrigerators.

      If I have one complaint, it would be that the doors do not always snap closed. If I don't push the doors closed and check them, it is easy to leave a door partially open. Fortunately, there is a buzzer to indicate that the doors are not sealed.

      I hope this information is helpful...happy shopping!

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        I echo your feedback regarding the shelf configuration. I have inadequate space for tall items and, the staggered shelves render some spaces virtually useless. The fridge has operated without issue but the shelf issue would steer me to another brand in the future if the interior space is configured the same way.

        1. re: Breadcrumbs

          I took out one of the shelves to accommodate all the taller items. Mine are pretty adjustable.

      2. We had a KA side-by-side installed when we redid our kitchen a couple years ago. I got top of the line (the model # is, of course, at the back of the full fridge where it's next to impossible to read). I considered a SubZero but decided to save on what I thought was only ever going to be a fridge after all.

        I wonder if we made a mistake.

        We've had problems about every 6 months with ice freezing in the chute. I mean massive amounts of it so that, the first time it happened, we could hardly get the unit out of the freezer to clean it out. Since then we recognize the symptoms and take action sooner. Still, the time before last, the mass of ice broke the little door that closes the freezer off from the lever in the chute. That was an expensive repair. And the thing is, I don't think in the 10 years or so we had our previous Frigidaire I ever had to clean the ice maker out.

        We also throw out a ton of milk because it goes sour. Mostly we buy our milk from Trader Joes and no one I know has the same complaint but it's not just TJ milk that goes bad. And I have a family that goes through a lot of milk fast. There's just something about that on-the-door storage that doesn't stay cold enough, I think.

        Finally, the spacing of both the on-the-door and glass interior shelves is awkward. However I arrange them so that I have one shelf reserved for tall things I end up with two shelves for only very short objects. If they had put in more shorter lugs I think I would have more choice. I can, of course, leave out a shelf or door pocket but that would be giving up a lot of storage too.

        Other than those things, it's regular operation is, as I suspected it would be, fine basic fridge/freezer.

        I have no complaints about my KA dishwasher or oven/microwave stack. And I am in awe of my 35yo stand mixer that will probably outlive me. And I have had excellent, responsive support for other small appliances.

        1. See my reply in another different thread that I just posted about my purchase of the 30" NXR gas range. If you are looking for a pro-style range that would be my choice considering its phenomenal price-performance point. It has 4 (identical) 15,000 BTU sealed burners (my wife now loves the fact that all burners are the same though in the beginning we considered it controversial), convection, but is not self-cleaning.

          1. I have a KA Architect bottom freezer stainless fridge with ice maker in freezer, a 30" Bosch cooktop with 5 sealed burners and Bosch oven with convection. They are pretty new -- almost a year, but I have been very happy with all of these appliances.