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Jan 11, 2011 01:59 PM

Dinner suggestions - staying at Meridien Versailles - 1808 Sherbrooke W

Hello from a Toronto hound...

I am in Montreal for 2 nights and am looking for dinner suggestions (dining alone) near my hotel. I love adventurous food, price no object, ethnic is fabulous - but hoping for something in walking distance.

Would love some guidance from those in the know. Thank you Montreal hounds!


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  1. You're within a few minutes by foot of Chinatown West (and about two blocks from Cuisine Szechuan...). You're only about a 5-minute walk from downtown, which would give you options like Ferreira, or if you walk south, Europea. Search this board for downtown suggestions, you should find many. And you're only a short cab ride from Old Montreal or Plateau, where there are many more restaurants to try. Solo diners are not unusual, and are welcomed pretty much anywhere here.

    1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

    1. In your hotel itself there is Ristorante Ridi, but can't comment on it as i've never been

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        You're a 10-15 min walk away from Ferreira Café (agree with cherylmtl), an excellent Portugese restaurant specializing in seafood. It's not as accomplished and distinguished as Chiado in Toronto (nor as pricey for that matter), but much, much better than other College and Dundas St Portugese restaurants. Ferreira is a good alone dining option, whether at their bar or at single table (make a reso though).

        What day of the week are you going? Be careful as a number of restaurants are closed on Monday (though not Ferreira).

        Stay away from Asian in Montreal. Toronto does all Asian cuisine better.

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          While I have only eaten at Chiado once, it was nowhere near as good as Ferreira. Perhaps it was an off night.

      2. Try out Kazu, a Japanese izakaya, on Ste. Catherine street, a couple of blocks south from the hotel. More of a snack bar menu but pretty amazing taste and presentation. No need to dress up either, very casual. And dress warmly as you will probably have to stand in line to get in. Place opens at 5:30PM and is filled by 5:40PM. Saving grace is that patrons are quick, restaurant turns every 45 minutes or so. And enjoy!!

        1862 Sainte-Catherine Street West Montreal, QC - (514) 937-2333

        1. I live very close to there, and if I'm eating in the area, I usually go to Kazu (izakaya), Maison du Nord (Northern Chinese food) and Sakura (Japanese). As you can tell, I am partial to Asian food :)

          For my visiting friends who want to stay downtown, I usually aim for French/European and Lebanese restaurants if it's their first time in Montreal. I second Europea (high end) and Cafe Ferreira (sea food). I would also add for bistro fare, Bistro L'Aromate and for Lebanese, Zawadeh (fine dining) or Boustan (fast food). If you are willing to walk over to Place Des Arts area, you can consider Brassiere T or F Bar? I've gotten so used to walking around, I'm not sure what's too far anymore.

          I would love to hear other suggestions as we usually wind up pretty far from downtown for our Saturday dinners.